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    The Best Metro Areas for Recent College Graduates to Find a Job

    In two months, the COVID-19 pandemic cost over 36 million Americans their jobs. Luckily, unemployment declined in June, but some industries that were hit the hardest—like small businesses, tourism, and restaurants and bars—are still in survival mode. With a looming second wave of COVID approaching, many metro areas are in preparation mode again.  Taking all […]

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    the odds of making it big as a woman in tech

    Women in Tech

    How Likely Are Women to Make It Big in One of the Biggest Modern Industries?   Technology has generally been viewed as a man’s world. But is there data to back up this perception? In recent years, there has been impetus for change as the female influence increases. And this is only one small piece […]

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    Give Your Small Business an Edge with Effective Digital Marketing

    As a small-business owner, you’re busy managing and growing your company. A large part of growth has to do with marketing, especially for new businesses and product launches that need to generate awareness, interest, and sales. One of the best ways to create these responses is through a digital marketing campaign. The following information serves […]


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    Webinar: Future-Proofing Your Business

    The future of your business depends on your ability to adapt to trends. That’s why you need to think about the technology you’re using. It might work for your business now, but what about next year? Or five years from now? Watch our on-demand webinar, Tomorrow Starts Today: Future-Proofing Your Business, hosted by Lisa Partridge […]

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    Invest Tax Dollars in Your Business, Not the IRS

    Section 179 lets you write off the cost of certain equipment so you don’t have to lose money on depreciation. Guest post by our friends over at Tax Buzz Tips for Deducting Business Equipment with Section 179   The Section 179 deduction is one of the most powerful tax-slashing tools that business owners have at their disposal. Under […]


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    Analyzing Shark Tank Success

    The 2% reality of landing a big deal with your business pitch There really is a show for everything nowadays. The reality series Shark Tank currently corners the entrepreneurial pop culture market; and as far as small business funding options go, the national television platform isn’t too shabby for companies looking to gain some traction.  […]

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    Pitch Yourself, Earn a $1,000 Scholarship

    Pursuing a degree in business? Not thrilled with the hefty college price tag?  If business is your pleasure, and you’re on your way to making it your field of study (and work, later on), you are in luck. Frontier Business is currently offering a scholarship for business majors who aren’t afraid to stretch their entrepreneurial […]

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    Mining Your Wi-Fi for Revenues: Part 2

     This is Part 2 of our series. If you haven’t already, check out Part 1 here. This week, we’re helping savvy business owners tap into the intelligence of their Wi-Fi to attract more customers and grow more revenues. We’re back for the second part of our conversation with Boris Kluck, Senior Vice President of […]

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    Mining Your Wi-Fi for Revenues: Part 1

     When you think about Wi-Fi, chances are you’re not thinking about the dollars and cents of revenue growth. Wi-Fi is often thought of as a utility for keeping businesses constantly connected, but new technological advances have opened the doors to fresh opportunities for information, customer behavior visibility, and revenue growth. It’s a rich topic […]

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    What Millennials Want: Tech in the Workplace

     Whether it’s the freshest technologies, the sleekest smartphones or the latest iterations in the Internet of Things (IoT), you can bet that millennials have already adopted it and made it their own. Often viewed as the hip, young professionals inhabiting the workforce, millennials have handled technology in a way that no other generation has. […]

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