Cutting Edge Collaboration in Today’s Connected World

Not too long ago the term “collaboration” brought to mind images of conference room tables filled with employees with notepads and pens, ready to talk business and brainstorm ideas. Fast forward to now and those tables have been replaced with video screens, apps and a broad range of smart, connected devices, where the limitations of geography no longer apply. Face-to-face collaboration is still an important piece of many successful endeavors, but with the enhanced opportunities brought about by technology, the possibilities for collaboration are almost limitless. The tricky part is often figuring out where to start.

To answer that question, we’ve brought in Kevin Robertson, a senior product manager at Frontier Communications with 30 years of experience. His role has enabled him to figure out the answer to this question with the help of Frontier’s cloud-based collaboration tool, Frontier AnyWare. The importance of integrated communication tools, the efficiencies of everyday interactions, and reducing your emails by 40% are just a few of the topics covered in this valuable conversation. If you’re looking to update your unified communication platform, look no further than Episode 59 of Gain Your Edge.

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