Nine Ways to Improve Your Video or Phone Conferences

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Holding business conferences over video or phone can often be awkward and uncomfortable. Similar to conferences in person, effective virtual conferencing requires preparation and etiquette. You want to make sure your virtual conference goes as smoothly as possible, and we’re here to help.

Here are ten ways to make sure your video and phone conferences feel like you are there in person.

1. Be familiar with the hardware you’re using.

Do a practice run before you conference to make sure you are familiar with how the camera and microphone work. This will help you avoid any awkward mishaps during the conference.

2. Check your light sources.

Make sure you position yourself in an area with good lighting and minimal glare so the people on the other end of the conference can see you well. Try not to mix fluorescent lighting with outside lighting, as it can confuse the camera and distort the video images.

3. Take turns talking.

Just like at an in person conference, you want to avoid interrupting others or talking over them. Try to pause before you make a comment to ensure others are finished speaking. Make sure you speak clearly and confidently so everyone is able to hear you.

4. Do a sound check.

You don’t want to have to shout or adjust the sound level on your microphone as you conference. Set up your microphone beforehand so that you can talk normally and can hear them speak clearly.

5. Look into the camera.

Though it may feel uncomfortable, try to look directly into the camera rather than at the video feed, your computer, or the floor. Looking elsewhere makes you appear distracted or uninterested in what the people on the other end of the conference are saying.

6. Limit movement.

Too much movement can cause the screen to lag and distract your viewer. Keep your movements to a minimum, and if you must move, do so slowly so the monitor can keep up with you so you won’t turn into a blur on the screen.

8. Avoid making distracting sounds.

Though shuffling papers and moving objects may sound quiet to you, a microphone will amplify the noises for the people on the other end. Be cautious of the sounds you make and be courteous to your recipient’s ears.

9. Be specific with your questions/comments.

When you are conferencing with a large group, it can be difficult to know which comments are being directed toward which people. Specify the person you are making your comment or question for to avoid confusion.

10. Be a good host.

Make everyone feel comfortable by being early and greeting people as they come on screen or enter the room. Because your view of your guests may be limited, make sure everyone is in attendance before you begin.

What advice do you have for others to make a phone or video conference run smoothly?

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