Only I.T. Pros Can Play This Game. Trust Us.

As an I.T. pro, no one else can do what you do. In fact, most people probably don’t understand what it is that you do every day to make their lives easier. No one, that is, except for us.

Which is why we created the I.T. Pro MVP Challenge —a game that celebrates your particular set of skills. It’s the hardest, industry-specific game you’ll ever play.  Well, at least we think so. It’s up to you to prove us wrong.

If you’re as good at your job as you say you are, answer questions in four categories—Technology, Troubleshooting, I.T. History, and I.T. Pop Culture—to score points, earn badges, and dominate the leaderboard.

Play often. Or when you get your friends to sign up and play you can move up even more.

Show your peers, bosses, and rivals why you’re truly the best.


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