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Headlines with a Hacker – December 2018 Edition

 This holiday season, unwrap the latest tech headlines and trends with another installment of Headlines with a Hacker. Host Skip Lineberg and white hat hacker Bill Gardner discuss how e-commerce has changed Black Friday forever and how you can stay secure when doing your holiday shopping online. Plus, the latest on the Marriott International […]

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Creating a Business Continuity Plan: The Five P’s

With the increasing frequency of weather-related catastrophes, like hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and floods––or cyber threats, ransomware, hardware failure and employee error––businesses today face an exceptional amount of exposures to downtime. That’s why creating a business continuity plan is one of the most vital components of any recovery strategy. And yet, according to Forrester, only 37% […]

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Female-Owned Businesses: How Does Your State Stack Up?

If you look at headlines, the feminist movement has reportedly been gaining traction. But has that translated into the business world? Sort of. Women are more prevalent in leadership, but we’re still a bit off from parity. Though, it seems some women have worked around gender biases in business by starting and owning their own […]


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How SD-WAN Increases Visibility and Improves Security in Wide Area Networks

 In business, as in life, communication is key. But despite the simplicity of this axiom, smooth communication can be a challenge for any company. It’s an issue that’s difficult enough for a single site, but multiply your locations and all of a sudden sharing files, information, even simple emails – can seem daunting. Multiple […]

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Cutting Edge Collaboration in Today’s Connected World

 Not too long ago the term “collaboration” brought to mind images of conference room tables filled with employees with notepads and pens, ready to talk business and brainstorm ideas. Fast forward to now and those tables have been replaced with video screens, apps and a broad range of smart, connected devices, where the limitations […]

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Outsmart Hackers with These 4 Cybersecurity Hacks

Cybersecurity is a common problem for all companies—small businesses are no exception. In fact, just under half of small businesses experienced a cyber attack in 2017. Now is the time to start thinking if you don’t currently have a plan in place. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to protect your organization against […]

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9 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Small Business Office Network

The term business network typically refers to a network of computers or a wireless network. However, it can be so much more than that. Your network setup can be a combination of several technologies and connect a variety of devices. It can be your business’s central hub for internet, phone, security, and more. If you’re […]

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5 Ways TV Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Offering TV entertainment is one of many approaches you can take to improve your customer experience, whether that’s in your waiting room, dining area, or elsewhere. You know satisfying your customers is important. But you might be looking for additional rationale before making a significant investment like getting a TV package and all the hardware […]

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Defending Your Wi-Fi

 Keeping products, services and data safe is a behind-the-scenes task for businesses, but one that’s extremely important. Unlike a company’s physical assets, locks, alarm systems, and surveillance technology aren’t enough to protect against digital threats. Today, we’re talking about protecting your Wi-Fi network from virtual attacks. Mitch Moore has made a career of sales […]

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What You Need to Know About SD-WAN

What Is SD-WAN? A software-defined wide area network, or SD-WAN, is a way businesses can build a network using commercially available internet access, existing infrastructure, and cloud technologies. SD-WAN technology is cost-efficient and flexible, while maximizing security and performance. This can change how networks and services are delivered to companies of all sizes, including enterprises. […]


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