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Only I.T. Pros Can Play This Game. Trust Us.

As an I.T. pro, no one else can do what you do. In fact, most people probably don’t understand what it is that you do every day to make their lives easier. No one, that is, except for us. Which is why we created the I.T. Pro MVP Challenge —a game that celebrates your particular […]

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Expert Advice About Employee Collaboration. Anytime.

When it comes to better employee collaboration, it’s all about giving them the right tools to succeed. It makes them more efficient, improves your bottom line, and provides value to your customers. Watch our on-demand webinar, Keep It Collaborative: How Tech Helps You Work Smarter, with featured hosts: Courtney Munroe of IDC and strategist and social […]

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How Can Cloud Storage for Business Help You?

What is Cloud-Based Storage? The cloud is a system of servers that host the data you upload using an internet connection. These servers are often located in a data center at a remote location though there are on-site cloud storage solutions. You can store, backup, and access your information at anytime. There are several reasons […]

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Make Protecting Intellectual Property Your First Priority

Protecting your company’s intellectual property rights is vital for your business. Copyrights, trademarks, and patents give you grounds to pursue legal action should anyone steal your innovations, but it is also imperative to prevent cyber intruders ahead of time by having digital security in place. A single cyber attack can eliminate your business’s competitive edge […]

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A Work-from-Home Guide to Internet Speed

With benefits ranging from creating your own schedule to writing off part of your rent or mortgage, there are many reasons why almost 3% of the workforce is spending less time at the office. One study even shows that employees who work from home are actually more productive thanks to fewer distractions from co-workers and […]


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Unified Communications: Collaboration

The final piece of unified communications (UC) is collaboration tools, including planning software, polls, webinars, desktop sharing, and workflow applications. Along with unified messaging, video conferencing, and mobility, collaboration apps bring teams together by giving them convenient ways to share ideas and strategies. Besides offering an efficient and succinct way to communicate, collaboration tools save […]

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Unified Communications: Mobility

As we have explored the various elements of unified communications (UC)—video conferencing, unified messaging, and collaboration—one commonality is a shared need for mobile access. More than fifty million US residents are working on mobile devices, and if you haven’t embraced mobile systems, now’s the best time to get started. Mobile technology is a win for […]

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Data is Your Future

We talk a lot about data. Always in the news. Security warnings, privacy discussions, and seemingly constant conversations about big data, storage, and networking. Data is useful. Some data is very important. We know that. But let’s talk about whether you need all that data, what data will help you grow your business, and how […]

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Check out our collaboration webinar

The right network technology makes all the difference, especially when it comes to helping your employees work collaboratively. The end result? A better bottom line and happier customers. So, how can your business have all this? Our on-demand live webinar, Keep It Collaborative: How Tech Helps You Work Smarter, gives you access to expert advice […]

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Case Study: BioDerm’s Keys to Communication

We all know that communication is key to success, but when your industry is medical device manufacturing and your products are connected to the human body, there’s little room for error. BioDerm is a leading medical device manufacturer within its niche. With rigorous service standards that help to create premier products, the need for quality […]

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