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Business phone on an office desk

VoIP versus PBX: Which solution is best for your business

When people wonder about the difference between VoIP and PBX systems, they’re actually comparing apples and oranges. VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, refers to how voice signals are transmitted and is best compared with traditional telecommunication delivery methods. On the other hand, PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange–a private telephone network where […]

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Someone using a computer mouse and keyboard

5 Free Online Tools Your Business Should Be Using

With your business, you’re undoubtedly busy. Every business needs tools and resources that can both make your job easier and save or make you money. Of course, online there are thousands of tools you could be using, but many are over-the-top flashy while others are incredibly expensive. How do you know which online tools will […]

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St. John's Prep school banner

St. John’s Prep Embraces the Cloud with Bluesocket’s Virtual Wireless LAN Solution

A Long-standing History of Fostering Intellectual Growth St. John’s Prep is a rigorous college preparatory school located 15 miles northeast of Boston, MA. Its 175 acre campus serves 1,200 students. Focused on creating an atmosphere that fosters intellectual growth, St. John’s Prep is dedicated to preparing all of its students to take full advantage of today’s technology resources and encourages the use of Wi-Fi-enabled devices in […]

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Business Connections – Banking

Today’s banks are undergoing major changes in how and where their customers interact with them. While in-person visits to branches are still the norm for some bank customers, particularly in smaller communities, the trend is definitely towards more online banking via laptops, tablets and smartphones. Customers now expect their banking services to be always on and always accessible, which means banks […]

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Businessman with laptop, thinking

Business Connections – Hotel, BYOD, Wifi

By the end of 2014, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth. This noteworthy statistic, from the Cisco Visual Network Index, points to the increasingly prevalent role of Wi-Fi networks in today’s communications. People expect an Internet connection wherever they go, to use whichever device or devices they have with them. To […]

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Man looking at phone at train station

Business Connections – Education

Education institutions face both opportunities and challenges with respect to communications technology. While today’s voice and data services provide increasingly more effective ways for students, teachers and administrators to connect, education institutions must continue to control costs and manage productivity. Frontier understands these dynamics and develops solutions to meet the unique needs and budgets of schools ranging from primary to post-secondary […]

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University of Utah AirMed helicopter

Business Connections – Health Care

Health care is a hot topic these days, fostering spirited discussions among providers, politicians and patients. We can all agree about the value of using technology to expand the reach of services and improve their quality and efficiency. Frontier Communications is helping health care organizations meet their growing communications needs and their patients’ thirst for information and connectivity. To find out […]

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Concierge sign on a table

Business Connections – Hospitality

Hospitality organizations could once keep guests happy with luxurious accommodations and fine dining. Today, you must also provide guests with the latest communications technology in order to stay competitive. No wonder that so many hotels, motels, timeshares and resorts turn to Frontier for their communications needs. We offer customized solutions in many categories including managed Wi-Fi, highspeed data access, data backup and […]

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Business associates talking over coffee

Business Connections – Government

State and local government organizations share the challenge of delivering the best services to citizens while getting the greatest value for every dollar spent. If you work in government, you’re in the business of efficiency and can’t afford to settle for the limitations of yesterday’s communications technology. That’s why government organizations count on Frontier for our proven experience as a provider […]

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Asian symbol with English word, "RESEARCH" below it

Pervasive Mobility Drives the Need for Wireless LAN Evolution

I: Introduction: The Era of Pervasive Wireless is Here  Today’s CIOs face significantly more challenges than at any other time in history. Companies look to IT departments to boost worker productivity and simultaneously lower the cost of IT. The shift to pervasive mobility is a significant step that allows companies to achieve both goals. Historically, […]

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