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Get Your IT Network Fit_5-31-18

It’s Time to Get Your I.T. Network in Shape. Join Our Webinar!

Your I.T. network is the core of your business, so it needs to be healthy if you’re going to grow. That means it needs to be flexible and secure while adapting to business challenges. So, how do you get started? Our upcoming live webinar, Getting Your I.T. Network Fit, will provide expert advice to help […]

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Business-Class Routers: What You Need to Know

Your router is one of the most important components in your office network. In fact, if you’re signed up for business-class internet and you’re not using the features included with most business-class routers, you’re foregoing potential opportunities and could even be losing money. Read on to learn more about business-class routers and how you can […]


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Ep.51_Headlines with a Hacker May-04

Headlines with a Hacker – May 2018 Edition

Showers, flowers, and the month of May means that spring is upon us. In the spirit of the season, we decided to do some spring cleaning of our own and take a look into the latest tech headlines and trends. Today, Skip welcomes back our resident white hat hacker, Bill Gardner for the seventh installment […]

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How to Protect Your Business From the 3 Most Common Password Attacks

Over 50% of business executives reported being hacked in 2016 according to a survey done by The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company. The survey also reported 72% of these business leaders spent over $5,000 in recovery and damage fees. If your business has not yet been hacked, the easiest way to quickly boost […]

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Does My Business Need a VPN?

It’s 2018. The internet isn’t exactly new, but in many ways, it’s still a wide open frontier. (Ha! Get it? “Frontier”? … Never mind.) Think of the internet like the Wild West. If you’re a small-to-medium business owner, the World Wide Web offers lots of exciting new opportunities for exploration and the prospect of carving […]

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Fiber Optic vs DSL

In today’s communications marketplace, online subscribers have an array of internet service options available to them. Coaxial cable is often the most accessible and least expensive connection method, but pales in comparison to newer technologies like fiber-optic internet when considering download speeds. Wireless is another connectivity option that uses radio signals, with internet speeds mirroring […]


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How To Unplug From Technology

Our primary focus is bringing you the ideas and voices on the cutting edge of technology—to help you gain a competitive edge for your business. VPN, user experience, intellectual property, video surveillance, data security, AI, VoIP … you name it, we’ve covered it. But today we decided to switch things up. For the 50th episode […]

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Illustrated graphic saying, "10 Friendliest States for Online Business"

10 Friendliest States for Online Business in 2018

You do business online—it shouldn’t matter where you’re located geographically, right? If business internet is “the great equalizer,” isn’t West Virginia just as digitally viable as Virginia? Aren’t the Carolinas and the Dakotas all the same when it comes down to the 0s and 1s? We wanted to know: where’s the place to be? Frontier […]

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Fiber Optic vs Wireless

Previous articles in this series illustrate that fiber internet (like Frontier FiOS) has definite advantages when compared to older technology like cable internet. Fiber optic cable boasts an ability to span very long distances, withstand weather and electromagnetic signals without experiencing a break in service, and offer lightning-fast upload and download speeds. Since coaxial cable […]


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Fiber Optic vs. Cable

If you read our first post on how fiber-optic internet works, you now know that fiber functions by transmitting data as bursts of light through glass fibers that are bundled together inside a protected cable. The data signal is translated into usable information by a photoelectric cell at the receiving end to complete the internet […]


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