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6 Secrets to Nail Your Branding: From Startups to Enterprise Businesses

Everyone knows brands aren’t built overnight. The largest and most valuable corporations today are a product of years of research, planning, execution, evolution, and investment that all lead to something much more meaningful than people simply consuming goods and services. Of course, when a business is just starting out, chances are it won’t have millions […]


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Illustration of three businesspeople

Essential Qualities of Team Leaders

This post is written on behalf of Cory Jones, who currently serves as Vice President of Commercial Marketing for Frontier Communications. In his role, Cory is responsible for all facets of business-to-business marketing for the company, including acquisition, retention, digital, social media, lead generation, and marketing communications. Cory holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising from […]


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Someone holding a small ceramic house

Find a Better Work-Life Balance

Some quests never seem to end — the search for the Holy Grail, the thirst for the Fountain of Youth, and the elusive promise of achieving a work-life balance. Finding that balance is daunting to every professional, but when you’re a small-business owner it can be even more difficult. When the success or failure of […]


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Orange corded telephone

Dawn of the Age of Email: Do I Still Need to Know How to Use a Phone?

In this digital age of email, instant messaging, and one-click online shopping, it’s easy to think that the days of conducting business by telephone are numbered. However, businesses still rely on phone communications, and 65 percent of businesses consider phone calls a valuable source of high-quality leads. Establishing good phone practices and etiquette standards for […]


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Illustrated graphic of the gears in a man's head

What’s Your Emotional IQ

In today’s workplace, it is not enough for leaders to delegate tasks, shut their doors, and expect employees to deliver their best work. Instead, effective leadership is much more dependent on the ability to recognize and manage one’s own feelings and emotions in order to better relate to those of others. Using this insight will […]

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Concept, online media

Protect Your Business and Your Customers from a Data Breach

Data breaches are a threat to every business. They erode customer confidence and expose sensitive information that leaves businesses vulnerable. In addition to credit card and banking information, hackers can also go after intellectual property and business-to-business data. The Cost of Data Breaches Recovering from a data breach can be a public relations nightmare and […]


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airplane in flight

How to Keep Your Team on Track When You’re Out of the Office

Small-business owners pour their hearts and souls into their businesses, so it can be hard to step away from the office for an extended period of time. And when they do take a break, whether it’s a well-deserved vacation or travel that’s required for work or family, they don’t have the luxury of unplugging and […]


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Questions to Answer Before Moving to a Bigger Office

You know your small business is taking off when it’s time to upgrade your starter digs. Moving your company from the garage or a cramped office to a space that’s big enough to grow with you is a major step. To pull it off successfully, you need a plan. Transition like a pro with this […]


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Laptop, notebook, headphones, and camera on a table

How Freelancers Can Be a Vital Asset to New Business Owners

If your small business is growing but you’re not ready to hire a full-time employee, bringing a freelancer on board could be the answer. Here’s why you might want to hire a freelancer, where to find them, and how to choose the right candidate for the job. Why hire a freelancer versus a full-time staff […]


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Laptop, cybersecurity concept

Digital Security Strategies Every Business Needs to Know

Small businesses are equally as vulnerable to a cyber-attack as large companies. According to “Small Business Computing,” 70 percent of data breaches happen to small businesses. The good news is that the majority of those breaches can be thwarted by employing simple digital security practices. The types of data you need to protect include customer […]


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