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Find out if 100 Mbps internet service will meet the needs of your business

Is 100 Mbps Fast?

With 100 Mbps internet service, you’ll be able to download a song in one second, a large PDF in 15 seconds, and a 20-minute video in about a minute. If you have symmetrical speeds, you’ll be able to upload those files in about the same amount of time.

Speeds of up to 100 Mbps are perfect for:

  • Backing up data to the cloud
  • Streaming video
  • File sharing
  • Rapid online research
  • Internet commerce

How Much Bandwidth Do I Need?

Internet speed and bandwidth are related but not the same thing. The Mbps speed you have is relatively constant while bandwidth is shared among connected devices. How much you need depends on the number of users and how they use the internet.

Determine how much bandwidth your business needs by considering the following factors:

  1. The number of people using your internet connection simultaneously.
  2. The tasks those users will be doing.
  3. The bandwidth needed per task.
  4. The total bandwidth for your business tasks.

Test your current internet speed at various times to track the times of day or week you experience lag.

It’s also a good idea to check your upload and download speeds.

Download speeds are typically faster with traditional high-speed internet service. You might need faster upload speeds or fiber-optic internet with equal speeds if you share a lot of files or use cloud backup.

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Is FiberOptic Better Than Cable?

FiberOptic is a high-speed internet connection that uses a fiber-optic network rather than cable. Fiber optics are made of thin strands of glass that send data through pulses of light. Those strands have a higher data capacity than copper cables, making FiberOptic faster than other types of broadband internet.

Frontier FiberOptic internet is wired directly to your home or business, meaning you won’t need to share your connection with neighbors or other businesses.

You’ll also get symmetrical upload and download speeds as opposed to most cable internet connections that offer slower upload speeds. This works if you primarily use your internet for streaming or software downloads. Fiber is worth the money if you spend time on the internet doing tasks that require high upload speeds such as cloud backup, sending files, and posting content online.

You’ll need even more broadband speed if you spend a significant amount of time on tasks that require both upload and download speed such as digital phone calls (like VoIP or Skype), online gaming, and conferencing.

Simply put, FiberOptic is faster than cable internet service and gives you ultimate flexibility with your internet plan.

What Types of Internet Service Are Available?


What can you do with FiberOptic internet service?

  • Connect with friends and family with clear video and sound
  • Get fast speeds for gaming, even during peak hours
  • Stream high-quality entertainment buffer free
  • Connect smart home appliances and equipment

What do you get with FiberOptic internet?

  • 100% fiber
  • Symmetrical speeds
  • No contracts
  • No landline needed
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What can you do with 100 Mbps internet service?

  • Scale your internet easily as your business grows
  • Save money by holding meetings with web conferencing
  • Share files hassle free
  • Customize your privacy needs with available static IPs

What do you get with 100 Mbps?

  • 100% fiber
  • Symmetrical speeds
  • Send frequent emails with 8 included accounts
  • Supports 3+ users
  • 24/7 Technical Support
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Most internet service providers offer business and residential internet plans. Your unique needs will help determine which is right for you. What’s the difference? For starters, the cost per month will vary slightly. You might also need to use a specific modem or router depending on the connection you choose.

A business fiber-optic network provides access to additional perks like static IPs and premium tech support.

Fiber for residential customers gives you faster speeds for streaming your favorite Netflix shows. Symmetrical speeds provides you equal upload and download speeds so your online gaming goes seamlessly whether you’re a Playstation or XBOX lover.

Why Frontier?

24/7/365 tech support

Give us a call whenever you have a problem. We’re here to help you get back up and running and solve internet access issues as quickly as possible.

Best value for your budget

Get the speeds you need to be productive—without breaking the bank. With a 100% fiber-optic line to your home or business, you won’t have to share your connection with neighbors or other businesses.

Customized solutions to fit your needs

Choose from multiple internet plans to avoid overpaying for a broadband speed you won’t use. Further personalize your connection with extras like web conferencing, static IPs, bundles, and Wi-FI networking.

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