Focus on the Important Things with FiberOptic 75 Mbps

Work and play buffer-free with symmetrical upload and download speeds

Why choose 75 Mbps?

The best broadband speed for your home or business depends on the activities you’ll be doing. You’ll need more bandwidth if you have several people who stream frequently, upload and download large files, or use a point-of-sale system.

Speeds of up to 75 Mbps are perfect for:

  • Sending emails
  • Browsing social media
  • Online shopping
  • Streaming single videos
  • Sending photos

How Fast Should My Internet Be?

You may see internet plans advertised with abbreviations like Kbps, Mbps, or Gbps. These are units of bandwidth used to gauge how fast your internet is.

Kilobits per second, or Kbps is typically used when referring to dial up internet. Megabits per second, or Mbps is the most common internet speed. Gigabits per second, or Gbps are the fastest connection speed. Gig is becoming more popular, but the expense may be too much for small businesses or families.

With FiberOptic, you’ll get the same Mbps speed for both uploads and downloads. Traditional broadband internet means your upload speed will be slower than your download speed.

Speed and bandwidth are often used interchangeably. Yet, there is a difference. More bandwidth allows more traffic through at a constant speed. You’ll need more of both if the number of people using your connection at the same time increases.

You can find how much broadband speed you need by answering a few questions:

  1. How many people will use the internet at the same time?
  2. What will everyone be doing?
  3. How much bandwidth is needed per task?

You’ll have the ideal internet speed for your home or business once you add up the total bandwidth needed. You can compare it to your current speed by using a speed test.

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Is FiberOptic Better Than Cable or High-Speed Internet?

Traditional cable broadband internet uses copper cables. The networks are built like trees that branch off the main trunk to nodes. Your internet connection is at its slowest point when it reaches you because the wiring is hot.

Fiber-optic networks are built using long strands of glass that transmit your signal via light pulses. Light is a more efficient way of transmitting data, making your broadband connection faster. Internet service providers install fiber lines directly to your home or business.

Many traditional cable internet users complain of slow internet speeds while trying to upload a file or use video chat.

Download speeds are faster than upload speeds with traditional broadband connections. This can make your actual speed seem slower. Upgrading to fiber can help solve this problem.

A feature unique to FiberOptic internet is symmetrical, or equal speeds. This means your upload speed will be just as fast as your download speed.

Which Type of Internet Service Fits My Needs?


What does 75 Mbps mean for your home?

  • Game without lag with a fast, private connection
  • Stream buffer-free without taking all the bandwidth
  • Chat with loved ones without dropping the call

What do you get with 75 Mbps?

  • 100% fiber-optic network
  • Symmetrical internet speeds
  • 99.9% uptime
  • No contract plans
  • Free Wi-Fi router
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What does 75 Mbps mean for your organization?

  • Use digital voice services with crystal clear sound quality
  • Make the sale with seamless point-of-sale applications
  • Upload and download large files without waiting around

What do you get with 75 Mbps?

  • 100% fiber-optic network
  • Symmetrical internet speeds
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • Pro installation available
  • Supports 7+ devices
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While you can have residential internet as a business and vice versa, one may be better for your situation. There are different perks and even different routers for each class of internet service.

Residential internet is designed for families, gamers, and students. You can use your internet connection to stream high-definition video while your family member or roommate uploads or downloads photos or homework assignments.

FiberOptic for business typically comes with more reliable speeds—important if your organization depends on a stable internet connection. Premium tech support can mean the difference between a minor hiccup or waiting around. You’ll also have access to tools like static IPs, device and data protection,and conferencing.

Why Frontier?

24/7/365 premium Technical Support

Internet for business should be simple. Every broadband plan is backed by 24/7/365 business-class Technical Support. We’re there for you if you ever need help with your connection.

Great value at a great price

With bundles, you can get all the services you need at an affordable price. You may need phone and broadband services. You may want to get more mileage from your TV by using it for conferencing. Best of all, you’ll get just one bill.

Complement your business with customized solutions

Boost your team’s bandwidth by adding useful tools. With a simple phone call, you can get services like device and data protection, Wi-Fi networking, IP VPN, static IPs and VoIP.

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