Partial Month Charges

Partial Month Charges are more commonly known as prorated charges.

Watch a quick video explaining Partial Month Charges that you may find on your bill.

What are Partial Month Charges?

Partial Month Charges, or prorated charges, are fees associated with the start of a new service, whether you’re a new customer or have added to your existing service.

Frontier® charges one month in advance for all services. By adding a few days of Partial Month Charges to your first bill, we get you caught up for the next billing cycle. This is how it works for existing customers, too, simply because it’s rare that you’ll add a new service right at the start of a new billing cycle.

How are Partial Month Charges determined?

Partial Month Charges are determined first by taking the total monthly charge and dividing it by the number of days in the upcoming month to find the cost-per-day of service. This figure is then multiplied by the number of days in the partial month.

For example, if the monthly charge is $30, the per-day charge for April (a month with exactly 30 days) would come out to $1 per day. Ten days of partial month service for April would come out to $10.

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