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FiOS 50/50 + FiOS TV Prime HD + Digital Voice
97 /mo
  • Unlimited domestic calling
  • Over 315 channels including 40+ in HD
  • As fast as 50/50 Mbps download and upload

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Access The Most Popular FiOS Double Play

FiOS 50/50 + FiOS TV Prime HD
99 /mo
  • As fast as 50/50 Mbps download and upload
  • 315+ Channels, 40 HD Channels

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Simply FiOS 50/50
99 /mo
  • No Home Phone Commitment
  • As fast as 50/50 Mbps download and upload
  • 2-year price guarantee on Internet

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FiOS 50/50 + FiOS TV Prime HD
99 /mo
  • As fast as 50/50 Mbps download and upload
  • 315+ Channels, 40 HD Channels

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Digital Phone Essentials
99 /mo
  • Unlimited local calling
  • 30 minutes of nationwide long distance calling per month
  • Call waiting and voice mail


8252 out of 5 stars | Based on 3025 Reviews

JOSHUA Reviewed Frontier

Great speed great customer service had couple problems at first ..but now it's working great

RAYMOND Reviewed Frontier

The installation was great.. The speeds are a lot slower than expected.

DOUGLAS Reviewed Frontier

Great experience so far! The only issue we experienced was with scheduling appointments when a couple of them were not updated. Customer support handled the issues very professionally and we were rescheduled quickly.

LAUREL Reviewed Frontier

Expected to receive a call when the tech would be coming to the home. No call ever received. Waited until about 12:30 then tried the phone and it had been activated. Would have been nice to have known that it had been activated so that I didn't lose half a day waiting.

SHAUNA Reviewed Frontier

Scheduling was easy- I really felt like they appreciated my time, and offered to call me back while they checked on service availability and scheduling rather than putting me on hold. The install team called and requested to come earlier than our appointment time, which worked out great. They were professional and courteous in our home, and were focused on being efficient. they made sure all was connected and working prior to leaving.

NICOLETA Reviewed Frontier

The men who came to install our service were great! Very kind and helpful!!!!

BEATRICE Reviewed Frontier

In the beginning when frontier took over Verizon FiOS, I must admit it was horrible. But, a few months later a change of service and support has been greatly improved. I left FiOS for another service, only to come back and give frontier another chance. The service has been great. The installation was done professionally. I'm glad I've made the choice to return. Others should too who had left Frontier. Thank you.

PATRICK Reviewed Frontier

Awesome Service

PATRICK Reviewed Frontier

Awesome customer service! They arrived 15 minutes early, and did a great job setting everything up! Thanks Frontier!

ROBERT Reviewed Frontier

Great service, we don't get really good signal where I live, but so far Frontier has done a great job at getting us connected. Thank you very much for the quick response time and all the friendly help.

GUILLERMO Reviewed Frontier

Installation right on time' good quality picture And the best of all......price.

ESTHER Reviewed Frontier

Great Service, I love the way the guide / menu are distributed, is easy to find every channel, movies, documentaries or anything we are looking for.

KIARA Reviewed Frontier

Great service , my internet is always working good and fast. Personnel within the company very helpful and professional.

CALVIN Reviewed Frontier

Fantastic the tech was very knowledgeable and completed everything in a timely manner.

LORENA Reviewed Frontier

Bad service.

MARLON Reviewed Frontier

Love it

MELISSA Reviewed Frontier

Best service. Technician was fast and thorough

GREG Reviewed Frontier

Everything has been easy with the setup and so far the service has run consistently and true to speed.

SARA Reviewed Frontier

Everything went great, it was a easy hookup, and plenty of help.

ANTONIETA Reviewed Frontier

Great Technician and Very Knowledgable...

RUBY Reviewed Frontier

So far so good!

MIKAELA Reviewed Frontier

My experience signing up with Frontier was amazing! No issues or problems persisted. I would infer you guys to my friends and family!

DESIREE Reviewed Frontier

Love the service so far... loved the guy who helped me out! So cool and helpful. Easy to talk to. Great service and inexpensive plans!

ERIK Reviewed Frontier

Great customer service.

JANE Reviewed Frontier

Our technician, Justin was great and so far we are really happy with the service

STEFANIE Reviewed Frontier

They called before they arrived and put everything together.

KIMBERLEY Reviewed Frontier

Everyone was so friendly and provided me with the best package for my home. I would proudly recommend using frontier to my family and friends

SANTOSH Reviewed Frontier

Frontier service is good but sometimes it locks down and slows down when there is more usage in community or weekends. Otherwise its good.

CINDY Reviewed Frontier

Mark and Eric were very friendly and quick with the install. They both stayed and made sure everything was working and we were satisfied before leaving.

ERNESTO Reviewed Frontier

The installation was super fast and very professional.

EMILY Reviewed Frontier

They have been relatively easy to work with and, if they made any mistakes, I was able to correct them with a phone call.

KIRA Reviewed Frontier

So far my service is great, no streaming issues at all!

KYLEE Reviewed Frontier

Fast service and no issues so far!

MADISON Reviewed Frontier

good service

LINDSAY Reviewed Frontier

loving the service so far! and installation was smooth and knowledgeable people

STEVE Reviewed Frontier

Five stars for the installer. Two stars for the experience. The installer was great. Service came up really quickly. But then it stopped working. The installer troubleshooted my end for about an hour before calling up his tech support guy. Turns out the problem was on their end. Once that was fixed, all was well. But the next day, things stopped working again. I thought it might be the same problem, so I contacted customer support and then tech support. That's when the run-around started. Since my service order had not yet been closed, tech support said they could not help me. Customer service could only refer me to tech support. Finally, in frustration, I called up my installer again and he was willing to help out, but right then the service magically was restored. Turns out it was an area wide problem that day. And now, three days after the install, I still cannot log into my account using the name and password they gave me. Maybe because it was a holiday weekend...

STEPHEN Reviewed Frontier

Rolando was excellent, punctual, knowledgeable, courteous, and professional.

MARRI Reviewed Frontier

Get service!

MICHAEL Reviewed Frontier

Install was quick and easy, the tech was here on the earlier end of the time window.

ROBERT Reviewed Frontier

Works much better than the cable service we had. Faster speed and more reliable connection.

MAUREEN Reviewed Frontier

Everything went smoothly

SAMANTHA Reviewed Frontier

Frontier was very accommodating to what I needed. I also really enjoyed how I didn't feel pressured into buying a package I didn't want. I would reccomend for cable/internet.

VERONICA Reviewed Frontier

Overall good experience. Had trouble getting my telephone service connected.

SANTIAGO Reviewed Frontier

after talking to tech support for a hour and half they found out the what was wrong and she walk me throw the whole thing.she was nice.

BARRY Reviewed Frontier

From the time I called to order new service right through to the installation I received professional and courteous customer service. Also, I am very pleased with my services. My internet connection is great and the phone service is wonderful too. Just want to thank you for an enjoyable experience.

JAMES Reviewed Frontier

The tech really knew what he was doing and also found a box that needed to be changed. I am really happy with my service.

SUSAN Reviewed Frontier

Nice people to deal with!!!

AARON Reviewed Frontier

Service installation was great, not so great on speed. Cannot stream music or movies without hiccups.

JOHNATHAN Reviewed Frontier

The gentleman came to my house was very professional very efficient and I am pleased with my service. Thank you

JANET Reviewed Frontier

The install process was good, however trying to get into my account after the install has been a horrible experience.

HOLLY Reviewed Frontier

This is fast reliable service for a great price! I love that I have the speed I want as such a reasonable price. I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

JANET Reviewed Frontier

My technician arrived at the scheduled time. He was very courteous and performed the required set-up promptly and satisfactorily.

SWAPNIL Reviewed Frontier

I started the frontier 30/30 services a week ago. And I see very good speed without any issues. I would recommend it to everyone.

ASHLEY Reviewed Frontier

Installation was quick and hassle free. Both technicians were knowledgeable and professional. Service has been reliable so far after about one week.

GLADYS Reviewed Frontier

I was very pleased with the service installation. Very pleasant and efficient!

JOHN Reviewed Frontier

Installer was quick, informational, and professional. I don't have any complaints. Thank you for everything!

BRADLEY Reviewed Frontier

They were here earlier then what was set up, the driver called and let me know he could be there in the next 15 minutes or wait till the time I was schedule for. But I had no problem with them showing up early and he got everything done quickly and right

ASH Reviewed Frontier

Just wish the service was faster where I live, but happy with the customer service.

TIFFANI Reviewed Frontier

Service installer knew what he was doing and was professional and helpful.

SUSAN Reviewed Frontier

From the moment I first called to installation everything ran like clockwork. The Tech was knowledgeable and friendly and made sure I knew every detail he was working on. There was one small hiccup, but he assured me that he was not going anywhere until everything was up and running. I have only had Frontier for three days, but so far TV and internet have been fantastic.

STEPHEN Reviewed Frontier

Great service. Would recommend them to anyone.

VICTOR Reviewed Frontier

So far so good very happy

KYLE Reviewed Frontier

I switched back to frontier from spectrum because spectrum kept dropping signal. I'm very pleased with frontier so far. Never had a problem with frontier till they raised prices but they are back in the game with deals. Spectrum promises speed and reliability but deliver on none. So far so good

OLUWATOSIN Reviewed Frontier

Best internet/ wifi provider in my area

OSCAR Reviewed Frontier

Affordable and good services with frontier,thank you frontier comunications...

KEKOALANI Reviewed Frontier

Love the service

RYAN Reviewed Frontier

Service was speedy and satisfactory

CAROLINE Reviewed Frontier

I am a new customer with Frontier and very pleased so far! When I signed up for Frontier I spoke to a very helpful gentleman over the phone. He walked me through the whole process and helped me pick the best option for me. He even saved me money! I am happy with the internet and TV services and have had no issues.

TOMIKA Reviewed Frontier

They were on time and professional

TERRY Reviewed Frontier

Good install

RONALD Reviewed Frontier

Was very pleased with our tech guy who not only got us up and running but also was helpful and friendly throughout all of our questions. He definitely knows what Customer service is!!!!

ERROL Reviewed Frontier

Much more reliable than spectrum. Connection is stable even when everyone is home streaming, gaming, downloading... super glad we switched to fiber.

TANYA Reviewed Frontier

The internet is a little choppy but other then that it's Good! Customer service was exceptional and the person that came out to hook me up was very respectful.

PEGGY Reviewed Frontier

The installer was nice. He was polite and carrying. He bundled up the old equipment and but it to the side. I would give him 100+ rating. His name was Ken.

ALEX Reviewed Frontier

Frontier representative was able to assist me with my dvr issue. Professional service and good attitude!

WILLIAM Reviewed Frontier

Service very reliable. Installation was great!

KATIE Reviewed Frontier

So happy with the service and customer service.

FREDERICK Reviewed Frontier

The guy was very informative and very professional as well as punctual. Very kind and definitely knew what he was doing.

GEORGE Reviewed Frontier

Frontier staff and installer were courteous and knowledgeable in their work. Highly recommend Frontier based initial service.

RAYJAI Reviewed Frontier

Internet is slow.

ANA Reviewed Frontier

I just started today with Frontiers! The agent gave m notice that he was on his way ! Very professional ! Tried many attempts to get it to work - when to office - trying to solve the issue - keeping me informed at all times ! I'm very please do far with the service !

DAWN Reviewed Frontier

I was very happy with the gentleman that installed my new service. He went above and beyond to make sure that everything was taken care of. I am very happy with our new service.

KARLA Reviewed Frontier

Renee the installer was awesome yet his ability to know about the roku player...your app on roku and not choosing 2 adapters for my other two bedrooms was misleading! Frontier has NO app channel on roku...stuck with only tv in my living room...imconvience

CHRISTINE Reviewed Frontier

The person I spoke with to set up service was very helpful and the installer was polite and knowledgeable. Thank you

ROBERT Reviewed Frontier

I was happy with the service. They were very knowledgeable and were able to answer all my questions.

GARY Reviewed Frontier

Great service

RAY Reviewed Frontier

The young man was on time . He did his work quietly and quickly and efficiently and left.

RAY Reviewed Frontier

Very informative and veryyou professional all around.

JOSHUA Reviewed Frontier

Great customer service

CHELSEA Reviewed Frontier

I am very satisfied with the service. I get great signal around my whole house, my bf can play his online games without much lag and I can use the WiFi on my phone. So far I love it!! Proud Frontier customer.

FRANK Reviewed Frontier

High speed Internet for less than my cable company is charging. I wished they had told me up front that I could not do a self-install and the speed they quoted me was not what I ended up with but close enough.

BRENDA Reviewed Frontier

Ray did an excellent job. he came on time and left in time . he's very professional and did an excellent job thanks for his service.

WILLIAM Reviewed Frontier

It would been five stars, but for sone reason, a tech has to physically come out and do something, instead of just transferring the service on the existing equipment that was working just fine.

CHARLES Reviewed Frontier

We loose our connection a lot

ANDREW Reviewed Frontier

there are so many channels i don't even know what to watch and the internet, oh the internet. other companies say what your download will be, but rarely what the upload is. And the upload is always small too. 5 or 6 mbps. well i got 50 down and 50 up service and every time I have ran the speed test i am amazed how it is at 50 mbps upload each time. this is way more than enough to do all the gaming and video streaming i could ever want. i just need a computer that can handle all that now lol

DANA Reviewed Frontier

Wonderful Company

JACKIE Reviewed Frontier

So far my experience with frontier has been excellent. From the initial phone call, to the installation. The guys who installed my service where extremely helpful and very pleasant to talk to. They were also very informative.

MOLLY Reviewed Frontier

The service tech was fast with installation and very nice. Thank you!

JOSEPHINE Reviewed Frontier

I'm excited for my new wifi and love the service still!

BESS Reviewed Frontier

I was really impressed with Frontier! Their installer was very considerate of our needs and worked really hard to install our router in an area that worked well for our home. They arrived on time! The installer took all the recycle materials with him and did an excellent job! And our internet rocks!!!!