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  • As fast as 50/50 Mbps download and upload

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Access The Most Popular FiOS Double Play

FiOS 50/50 + FiOS TV Prime HD
  • As fast as 50/50 Mbps download and upload
  • 315+ Channels, 40 HD Channels

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  • No Home Phone Commitment
  • As fast as 50/50 Mbps download and upload
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FiOS 50/50 + FiOS TV Prime HD
  • As fast as 50/50 Mbps download and upload
  • 315+ Channels, 40 HD Channels

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2.5 out of 5 stars | Based on 9550 Reviews

CHRISTINA Reviewed Frontier

Ever since we got it our service has been crap! All our games and movies buffer about 20 to 30 times while watching. Cell phones connect and disconnect about every 15 minutes. We need internet and your the only ones who provide it so I guess we will deal with it.

KRISTEN Reviewed Frontier

Installation: was in good timing and minimal mess. Installation associates were courteous and polite. Service: So far so good. Speeds may fluctuate, but still good enough for all our needs. Hope the fluctuations ends soon.

BRENDA Reviewed Frontier

Really happy with the speed and works better than spectrum internet

SARAH Reviewed Frontier

The costumer service was not bad but losing my invoice to set up the services was a problem. It set back a week. She. Your service provider employee that came out was very polite and was able to answer all my question I was happy with that.

SAVETKA Reviewed Frontier

Courteous personnel and affordable service.

LEILANI Reviewed Frontier

im overall satisfied with my service

KARYN Reviewed Frontier

We made our appointment for service a week in advance and made ourselves available all day for the installation which was scheduled for between 1 and 5pm. When the installer had still not shown up at 6:00pm, I called customer service and was told the appointment had been rescheduled for a week later without anyone calling to cancel or reschedule. I was unavailable for the day they set up and had to change it, so it will be two more weeks before the scheduled installation. So we still do NOT have service, the billing has already been started, and we have no confidence that the installer will be here when he is scheduled.

JONATHAN Reviewed Frontier

Amazing and Consistent, just Perfect.

GLENN Reviewed Frontier

Installation occurred as scheduled. Had to call installer back to bury the cable ( in an RV park). Works as expected.

MATHEW Reviewed Frontier

Once we finally got our service installed it is fine. Took more than 2 weeks to actually get the install due to someone entering our address incorrectly into the order system.

JANICE Reviewed Frontier

Very helpful customer service

RAY Reviewed Frontier

Excellent service

DEBRA Reviewed Frontier

Router was delivered as promised, and directions for set up were clear and easy. So far the service has been perfect.

RUBEN Reviewed Frontier

Good mechanic answered every question very satisfied thanks

DANIELLE Reviewed Frontier

Everyone I spoke with has been super friendly and very helpful. Great customer service!

CATHY Reviewed Frontier

When I called in to subscribe, the young man was very helpful. The technician that was here yesterday (I think his name was Randy) was helpful, courteous & efficient. I am extremely pleased so far. Thank you.

CALLA Reviewed Frontier

Was just so happy with the service your technician provided he was pleasant and understanding and I really appreciate the price Charter has stuck it to me for way to many years and I was pleased with the service I received thank u thank u

KENNEDY Reviewed Frontier

Fast and easy

CARLOS Reviewed Frontier

The technicians were on time, courteous and fairly quick in installing the services. Thank you.

GANGADHAR Reviewed Frontier

I noticed a big difference in speed compared to spectrum. I am very happy with service so far. I will definitely refer to my friends.

ELIZABETH Reviewed Frontier

I like the servise I will recommended to my friends

KIMBERLY Reviewed Frontier

I was able to save a decent amount monthly by moving from Optimum. The picture on the TV is amazing. The amount of channels is awesome. Most of all, the technician that was out here was very professional and was able to answer all of my questions. So far, a win win!

DAVE Reviewed Frontier

The tech that came our was very professional, service was installed quickly. I am very pleased with the service.

CATLIN Reviewed Frontier

I have really enjoyed the services. I’m able to download music and movies very quickly. I should have come to frontier years ago. Thank you all what you have done.

LYNELLE Reviewed Frontier

Thank you great customer care

CHRISTINA Reviewed Frontier

I've had the service for almost a full year now. It took nearly two months to get a bill due to the order not coming through the system property. I had made repeated calls to customer service asking about the bill and wanting to pay something. Unfortunately all my calls were in vain when I received my first actual bill. The website was difficult to log into the first several times but I have now mastered it. I have no additional complaints. Just concerned about having new service set up with the phone, internet and cable.

CHRISTROPHER Reviewed Frontier

My installer was amazing! Hope the service is as good as he does.

CASEY Reviewed Frontier

Because it was a new build it took two weeks to get someone on the phone that knew anything about how to get us setup. Kept telling us Frontier wasn’t out here. However, when we FINALLY got someone who was willing to help, that service was outstanding and the tech who came out to set us up so awesome as well. I would have rated 5 stars if the previous customer service reps were at least willing to ask their superiors for help, but they didn’t care to and told me to go with Hughes Net.

DIREGE Reviewed Frontier

I'm a new customer for almost 2 weeks the TV and internet is good service

ERIC Reviewed Frontier

The insulation guy sorry forgot his name but he was the best wish everyone I had to deal with was as good as him thank you

AFSANEH Reviewed Frontier

I am a new customer to Frontier. Unfortunately I started my experience with Frontier with frustration. Frontier without my request added a security bundle to my account. I had to call couple of times to frontier regarding this matter.I spent more than two hours overall to talk to different people at different department to solve my problem which still I am not sure if my problem regarding to this matter has be solved yet.

NIKKI Reviewed Frontier

the representative that helped me setup my new service was excellent! He was well spoken and clearly explained my options and packages available. He also went above and beyond to ensure my installation date was setup properly!

MARY Reviewed Frontier

I was very happy to see that Frontier was now servicing my area on Anna Maria Island. When I scheduled the service call I informed the representative that the reason I wanted internet service was just for internet connectivity and streaming movies. The following week the installer was very prompt so I did not end up waiting the entire four hour window. He immediately informed me that the service was not strong enough for streaming devices. Accordingly, I did not proceed with installation. The first representative I spoke with should have known that I wasn’t going to get the service I wanted. Otherwise, both representatives were cordial, prompt and professional.

BRETT Reviewed Frontier

Service adviser and installation were excellent. Technician was on time, friendly and efficient.

MICHELLE Reviewed Frontier

Internet is fast and does the job. Highly recommend

TODD Reviewed Frontier

Looking forward to having my internet installed. I scheduled on Feb 6 for it to be installed on Feb 15. I never heard anything from Frontier, so i called on the 15th only to find out that my case was sent to engineering and would not be installed on time, and they had no date for me. I was promised a call back that day, and did not receive it......I called back on 16th, to cancel my order, but spoke with a great lady, Jenae, who took the time to walk through the details, and confirm what was happening. She promised to call back on this Friday, Feb 23 to tell me when I can finally get my internet installed. Without Jenae, Frontier would have lost a potential customer.

FRED Reviewed Frontier

Special thanks to Alicia in customer service for expediting the positive ID forms so quickly. Nothing but good to say.

BRIAN Reviewed Frontier

Professional experience. Nice work.

ANDREA Reviewed Frontier

Great service so far. Use internet for email and Google / websites.

SHEILA Reviewed Frontier

So far..good service

BRYAN Reviewed Frontier

Latency is much better than Spectrum!

MARCIE Reviewed Frontier

Tech arrived on time; was courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. Made sure internet was working correctly and that I didn't have any questions before leaving.

SCOTT Reviewed Frontier

While it did take several calls to get set up with service, I am very happy with my internet.

RANDALL Reviewed Frontier

Easy to set up service and the phone with internet service is a great deal

JOSE Reviewed Frontier

The first few days the internet has disconnected frequently but Frontier was helpful and sent out someone each time to fix the issue.

CATLIN Reviewed Frontier

My internet service now is so much faster. I can download music and movies within minutes. I should have come to Frontier years ago. Thank you for your good service...

LINDA Reviewed Frontier

I am truly not very happy with my service with Frontier. I have had nothing but problems with the service and have been lied to in regard to how to fix the problems. To date I have spoken with at least 12 people and the situation has still not been resolved . I am on service install call number 3 and truly hope this resolves the whole problem.

METRA Reviewed Frontier

Service is great and customer service is wonderful

DAILERMOYA Reviewed Frontier

Your service is super good its better than spectrum

NICHOLAS Reviewed Frontier

Not happy was told several times someone was going to hook it up then called again and they said it a self hook up that I would have to pay to have hooked up and then called again and I got wait till March 6 to have someone to hook it up not very happy so far

ALBERT Reviewed Frontier

Looking forward to experience your services and tell my friends and family . I am tired of Spectrums games and fawels advertising . Thank you Frontier . Albert

MARIA Reviewed Frontier

Thank you Jose for your help in providing good customer service Maria

STEPHENIA Reviewed Frontier

Low prices and i like that

IRVING Reviewed Frontier

The service hook up and fast

AMANDA Reviewed Frontier

So far so good. Had to call in to help get it setup and the customer service was great.

STEPHEN Reviewed Frontier

Great service thanks

ARLENE Reviewed Frontier

The gentleman who came to connect our service was friendly, funny, and efficient.Fios is fantastic, nothing compares!

KRISTIN Reviewed Frontier

Thank you for exelent and profsional service,

Arthur Reviewed Frontier

Alarm event > 10 minutes to contact police. Z-wave switch from Frontpoint Installs and works from security panel, but won't register, so Ican't use it online. 4th call and second device, CS scheduled call back with me and never called. Asked about upgrades as my contract ended, but price of Qolsys unit was $250 - $400 depending on 1 -3 year contract renewal. Competitors offer hardware with new contract for < $99. I've lost trust in the hardware and servce, so Im looking at other providers.

YINA Reviewed Frontier

the service is the worst in my whole life

MARY Reviewed Frontier

So far liking this service over other one. Thoe bill was more then I was quoted..

GLORIA Reviewed Frontier

Very friendly and knowledgeable people.

TONY Reviewed Frontier

I will trust your service...been only 2 days i had this on problem with installation.....but the guy that i talked to help me out on this problem ...he is fantastic.....i think was Natt.....will let you guys know in few weeks time

GENIE Reviewed Frontier

Great customer service n I’m glad I changed providers. Your service representatives are knowledgeable. Installation was excellent n well done! Keep up great work!

JESSICA Reviewed Frontier

The technician that came out was very helpful and professional. However I’m very disappointed with the connectivity issues and wait time when calling.

TINA Reviewed Frontier

I'm not happy at all. I was supposed to get service on the 10th between 1 and 5 no one showed. Now I have to wait till the 20th.

TANIA Reviewed Frontier

Great costumer service.

RAVI Reviewed Frontier

Good customer service

JOHN Reviewed Frontier

Customer service representative was very helpful.

SANDRA Reviewed Frontier

Your service has already been too slow. We have not yet been connected and the initial call setting up the connection took way too long. Your service is one of the few available in our area. I hope that does not dissuade you from improving your service.

ANNIE Reviewed Frontier

I replaced Time Warner/Spectrum internet because it wasn't reliable or robust enough despite their attempts to make it work better. Frontier net is much faster and I can stream to my upstairs device without any buffering issues at all. Thanks for giving me back my sanity.

ADRIAN DANIEL Reviewed Frontier

I like the Frontier offer, compared with other internet providers. However, they didn't offer me a discount because I switched the service to them. They scheduled my installation two weeks after I registered with them; which was quite a long period for me. They respected the schedule. The installation was a little bit difficult, but finally, they succeeded. The speed is not exactly what they promised, but it's almost there. However is much better and stable than their competitors. The work with their portal and account management is a little bit confusing, but I hope to manage it in the end.

JOSE Reviewed Frontier

I'm supposed to have internet by now since the 7th of this month and till yet I don't ha e service great .

JEFFREY Reviewed Frontier

Great service so far, very first fiber optics customer in Ct actaully!

JARED Reviewed Frontier

Very fast getting my equipment to me

JOSEPH Reviewed Frontier

I'm still waiting for service

KELLY Reviewed Frontier

The young man was excellent!!

MANISH KUMAR Reviewed Frontier

I live the frontier much better than Cox & Xfinity as I am able to stream my movies from laptop to my TV through chrome cast which I was unable to do with other providers. And cost savings too.

RAUL Reviewed Frontier

Very good

AURORA Reviewed Frontier

I canceled as phone representation was playing games, and not clear, on costs to obtain wi-fi and cable service. To many changes in what service was going to be

WALTER Reviewed Frontier

Your service man was on time and did not waste time in the switch over to FRONTIER. He answered all my questions and resolved all my concerns in a prompt and professional manner

DANA Reviewed Frontier

At first the lady that took my deposit and scheduled appointment messed everything up and never entered information into computer and if we wouldn’t of called in to verify our scheduled appointment no one would’ve informed us and my credit would’ve been lost because it was already deducted from my account so when we called the new appointment was set up for four days later due to the mistake of the dirst customer svc representatives luckily a day later they called back and had an opening and had our internet set up a day earlier than expected so I appreciated the effort made to fix there mess up

SARA Reviewed Frontier

Great so far

KEVIN Reviewed Frontier

Scheduled to begin service well ahead of our move and waited until 2 hours after the time frame before calling customer service. I was polite and patient. After being repeatedly transferred and put on hold they finally just hung up on me! Still no service 3 days later. I sure wish I could continue with Comcast but they don’t service this area.

SOFIA Reviewed Frontier

frontier has the best prices in town

STEFANIE Reviewed Frontier

The set up of the internet was simple and really fast. Everything has been a breeze so far with frontier!!

KENNETH Reviewed Frontier

So far i love this internet. Its a great price and it does the job. Of course there are some things that can be better but that is with every provider. I will say that I like it better than sudden link.keep up the good work Frontier

JONATHAN Reviewed Frontier

The set up was excellent and quick. But when I called the day before (after having to wait 2 weeks for install), they didn’t have any of my information in the system. Not my name, social, phone number, or even address. I panicked that I gave my info to a scammer. Whatever is wrong with your system, you should figure out. When I finally received a phone call that evening, they told me I was still scheduled for a set up the next day. I shouldn’t have had to almost cancel my credit cards and check to see if my identity had been stolen due to your system not having any of my info in it, yet they still came and installed everything. So obviously there was a glitch. But the lady on the phone who couldn’t find my info said it wasn’t surprising and she had the attitude of not really caring. The install guy also said that he wasn’t surprised that happened to me. Wtf?!

NATHAN Reviewed Frontier

Ray was great to work with and helped get all of our devices up and running smoothly.

JOSIANE Reviewed Frontier

So I hope I did best choice at frontier.tks

GINAROSA Reviewed Frontier

overall great experience

MERCEDES Reviewed Frontier

frontier has been the best!

SAMANTHA Reviewed Frontier

Great so far.

FREDERICK Reviewed Frontier

It all works just fine!

KAICEE Reviewed Frontier

Great service, doesn’t break the bank, no data cap, great customer service

QUINDA Reviewed Frontier

I am glad i choose u guys for internet service u are very reasonable

WENXIANG Reviewed Frontier

The bill is not correct!!! I don't know what happened.

RONDA Reviewed Frontier

Te chnician that did our install, believe it was Darryl was excellent.

STEPHANIE Reviewed Frontier

Excellent so fare !!

THOMAS Reviewed Frontier

Service technician was very nice and helpful and most importantly on time, so far all my services are working very nicely and I am happy about the savings from those high cost cable companies. Thank you very much