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plus $10/mo. Wi-Fi router service fee

per month for 12 months. Actual speeds may vary. Activation, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge ($3.99/mo.), taxes & other fees apply. Services subject to availability and all applicable terms and conditions.

Frontier FiOS: Home Services Done Right

FiOS packages have what you need for all things internet, TV, and voice.

Prices starting at

plus $10/mo. Wi-Fi router service fee

per month for 12 months. Actual speeds may vary. Activation, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge ($3.99/mo.), taxes & other fees apply. Services subject to availability and all applicable terms and conditions.

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Speed Things Up with FiOS Internet

With FiOS Internet, you don’t have to worry about a lagging connection slowing you down. FiOS brings you the ultimate online experience with fiber-optic internet—no need to pump the brakes when it comes to streaming, gaming, and web surfing.

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Frontier FiOS Internet: Life in the Fast Lane

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Unlimited Data*

Overage fees are a thing of the past. With Frontier’s unlimited data, you can confidently surf online whenever you need a moment of sanity.

Symmetrical Speeds

Fiber-optic internet can deliver upload speeds that match your download speeds. That means upload speeds won’t be affected by streaming, gaming, or surfing simultaneously.

FiOS TV: Better Viewing Experience

Fiber TV through Frontier FiOS gives you a crystal-clear picture that'll make you feel like you're right on the set. Want the full immersion experience with what you’re watching? Fiber TV also gives you state of the art sound quality that'll make hanging those surround sound speakers worth it.

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Next-level Viewing with FiOS TV from Frontier

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Whole-Home DVR

Whole-Home DVR allows you to record, rewind, and fast-forward any program you want. And the best part? It works for any TV in your household. Let the DVR fights finally come to a close.

Netflix Integration**

Netflix is a hot commodity with all its original content. With FiOS TV, you (or anyone in your home) can get in on the action and stream and watch right on your TV without changing inputs or remotes.

On Demand

Favorite shows not on Netflix? Frontier has you covered with access to over 150K video on demand options. Get the shows and movies your family will love with FiOS TV.

Stay Connected with FiOS Digital Voice

Pair your fiber-optic service with home phone for just $10 more per month (plus taxes and fees). FiOS Digital Voice is available through your fiber-optic network to ensure your friends and family can always get in touch. Installation is easy; the FiOS home phone service connects right into your phone jack.

Get the 411 on FiOS Digital Voice

Offers with Voice: VoIP admin fee. ($3.99/mo.) applies and subject to change during and after the promotional period. If Internet service is cancelled, Voice service will increase to the standard monthly rate. Your Frontier VoIP phone service, including 911 service, will not function without electrical or battery backup power. In the event of a power outage, you may not be able to make calls and you should ensure that you have a functioning battery backup for the Residential Gateway (RG) or the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), or an alternate means of calling 911. Battery backup is an optional product and can be purchased separately. Get ordering information at frontier.com/batterybackup. Other restrictions apply. Frontier reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Other restrictions apply. ©2020 Frontier Communications Corporation.

FiOS Digital Voice: Always the Right Call

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Crystal Clear Call Quality

Enjoy crystal clear service with every call you make. No more static, no more dropped calls, no more frustration. FiOS Home Phone makes sure your voice is heard.

Call Features

Home phone doesn’t mean no features. With FiOS Digital Voice, you will have the benefits of call blocking, call forwarding, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Frontier FiOS?

Frontier FiOS stands for Fiber Optic Services. It is a type of internet that transmits pulses of light to send data rather than pulses of electricity, which cable internet relies on.

Is Frontier FiOS available in my area?

FiOS Internet works in areas that are equipped with Frontier's hyper-fast fiber-optic services.

Is Verizon Fios the same as Frontier FiOS?

Frontier bought Verizon’s Fiber-Optic network in California, Florida, and Texas. Frontier offers fast internet and bundles, TV, and voice on that fiber-optic network.