5 Things You Didn’t Know About Frontier CEO Maggie Wilderotter

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The most recent issue of Profile magazine took a behind the scenes look at Frontier Communications, including a cover story profile of Frontier CEO Maggie Wilderotter. In recognition of this cover story, we’d like to present 5 things you may not already know about our CEO.

  • Maggie has been at the helm of Frontier Communications since 2004.  Before joining Frontier, Maggie worked with some other big names in technology, including AT&T Wireless Services, Wink Communications, and Microsoft.
  • Providing service to communities across the country – but especially in rural areas – is a priority for Maggie. Throughout Maggie’s tenure at Frontier, the entire company has been committed to helping rural America survive and thrive. Currently, two-thirds of Frontier’s customers are based in rural communities.
  • Since taking the lead at Frontier, Maggie has continued to give our regional and local teams ever-increasing authority to make business-critical decisions, including the autonomy to challenge competitors in some markets.
  • Through her work with Frontier, Maggie is determined to deliver broadband service to customers –regardless of where they live. According to Maggie, rural Americans shouldn’t have to choose between seeing the stars in the sky and streaming stars on Netflix.
  • Customers are at the heart of Maggie’s decisions in business. Maggie has always demonstrated respect for existing customers. “Our philosophy is not to do anything for new customers that we’re not willing to do for existing customers,” she says. “We’ve created an environment for our employees to put the customer first, and modeling that behavior as CEO is important.”

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