All About the Internet of Things

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If you‘ve turned on the TV or read a tech-focused newspaper or magazine lately, you’ve likely heard or read the phrase the “Internet of Things.”

By definition, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network stemming from the creation of wireless production and the Internet. It allows machine-to-machine contact without the presence of a human. While IoT may seem complex and abstract, the concept is already in use in many products available for sale now that people use every day. Here are a few examples of familiar products that use IoT.

  1. Dropcam

Dropcam allows people to see certain areas (such as their home) from any location. Especially ideal for home security, Dropcam tracks movement throughout the surveyed area in real time from anywhere. Many users find Dropcam to be a good security solution for monitoring homes and businesses while away or children while they are under the watch of a babysitter or home alone, or even for keeping an eye on the family pets.

Connected to the Cloud, Dropcam can securely stream footage in real time, or users can review footage at a later time, with all data stored in the Cloud for up to a month. Set alerts on specific areas of the home — such as windows or doors — and be notified instantly if movement is detected in these areas while you are out of the house.

Recognizing Dropcam’s ability to protect the people and places you care about, Frontier is proud to now offer Dropcam to our customers through Frontier Secure. Find more information on Dropcam from Frontier Secure here.

  1. Nest Thermostat

Nest is a next-generation “learning” thermostat. The product learns about you and your home, remembering each time the temperature is increased or decreased. By storing this data, Nest can lower your heating and cooling bill over time by up to 20%.

As it is used, the Nest begins learning different aspects of the homeowners’ life, such as when they go to bed, when they wake up and when they are out at work in order to decrease the cost of heat. It also integrates information from its sensors and outside weather to cut energy costs and keep users comfortable. Similarly, if users are away from home but need to adjust the temperature, they can connect to the Nest from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Start using this smart thermostat in your home today. The Nest is also available through Frontier Secure.

  1. Wearable Technology

Another piece of technology made possible by IoT is wearable devices, which are growing in popularity every day. In fact, 20% of Americans already own a wearable device, and that number is expected to continue to increase at a rapid rate over the next several years.

One popular category of wearable devices is health and fitness tools that measure blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature during workouts. You may have heard of or already be using popular fitness trackers, like Jawbone and Fitbit, which track steps and exercise. Most wearable fitness trackers also include a companion Web account or mobile app and provide insights into steps taken, calories burned, sleep patterns and more.

These devices’ ability to gather important data about our health and fitness behaviors would not be possible without the IoT.

  1. Smart Appliances

“Home smart home.” As more and more appliances incorporate IoT technology, we become that much closer to living in fully connected homes. What makes an appliance a smart one? Smart appliances, which can range from washing machines and refrigerators to coffee machines and vacuums, are embedded with a computer chip and come equipped with the ability to communicate with one another. These smart appliances also connect to your phone or mobile device, meaning you can complete tasks, like shutting the blinds or turning off the stove, from a smartphone.

One company in particular has made big strides in developing a network of smart appliances for the home — SmartThings. The company is building an open platform for smart homes using the concept of IoT. By using the SmartThings platform, consumers are able to connect, manage and monitor their homes. SmartThings can be used with more than 1,000 devices via smartphones, using the SmartThings mobile app.

With the IoT growing in popularity every day, new technologies and products that utilize your wireless broadband service will continue to emerge. For all your IoT needs, power your home with Wi Fi from Frontier Communications.