America’s Best Communities: Keeping Up with the Quarter-finalists

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As the America’s Best Communities (ABC) prize contest — a $10 million competition to stimulate economic revitalization in small towns and cities — celebrates the one-year anniversary of its launch in September, several major milestones have taken place in the past few months.


In April 2015, 50 communities were selected out of more than 350 communities to move on to the quarterfinalist round of the competition. Each community that has advanced to the next round of the competition was awarded $50,000 to further develop and implement its comprehensive strategies to accelerate its local economy and improve quality of life.


The 50 quarterfinalist communities have until November 4th to shape and refine their revitalization plans and compete for the grand prizes totaling $5 million. We’re proud to share that eight communities in the West Region can be counted among the 50 quarterfinalists. Click on the name of each quarterfinalist below to learn more about the community and why it is one of America’s best.



In addition to finalizing their communities’ revitalization plans, the West Region quarterfinalist communities have been busy this summer participating in community events, holding community meetings to engage the broader community with the local ABC teams, and organizing dinners to celebrate their community’s status as a quarterfinalist in the competition.


Locally, West Region quarterfinalist communities have formed strategic partnerships, both with one another as jointly participating communities, as well as with corporate partners who have “adopted” each community. The America’s Best Communities Adopt-a-Community Program has brought together 50 distinguished companies from across the U.S. to support this prize competition.


So what’s next for the West Region quarterfinalists on their quest to become America’s Best Community? In early 2016, 15 semifinalists will be selected to attend the America’s Best Communities summit to present their strategies, and eight finalists will be awarded another $100,000 to continue implementation of their plans.


Then, in April 2017, America’s Best Communities will name its three competition winners — those communities best able to dream big and deliver on those dreams. The winning community will be awarded $3 million, with $2 million for second place and $1 million for third. For additional information on the competition, please visit