America’s Best Communities

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Local town may receive $3 million to boost small businesses

There are important relationships that develop over time between small business owners and their local town halls.  A business feeds the community tax coffers and creates jobs, and in turn the town provides the infrastructure and amenities to help the business flourish.

For big cities like Seattle , Everett, Bellevue, and Tacoma this relationship seems to be working.  Where this interdependency runs into challenges is in the smaller communities across the state.  Small towns and cities may not have the wherewithal to bring their business development ideas to fruition.  Economic development takes money, time and passion.

That’s where Frontier Communications  and Dish Network have stepped in to help by launching a program called America’s Best Communities.  The two companies are dedicating more than $10 million in cash and other rewards to support and inspire the kinds of creativity and innovation that transform communities with results and long-term growth.

Any city or town in Frontier’s 27 state serviceable areas, with populations between 9,500 and 80,000 are eligible to apply. Towns that fall below the 9,500 population threshold are welcome to align with contiguous communities to participate, as long as the combined population meets the minimum threshold requirement. The grand prizes are $3 million for first place, $2 million for second place and $1 million for third place. The money will go directly to helping communities realize their vision.

The America’s Best Community contest was developed to align the interests of local governments with the small business community.

The deadline for submission is January 12, 2015. Full details can be found at Don’t miss your chance to participate.