Being a Good Neighbor in the Communities We Serve

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Businesses — big or small — owe it to their communities to be engaged and involved.

Customers are more likely to shop or use the services of companies that are local, socially responsible and good neighbors. By getting involved in the communities a business serves, a company is able to make a meaningful difference and bring real impact. At the end of the day, strong communities help build stronger companies.

At Frontier, we are proud to employ a local engagement management model in all of the communities where our customers and employees reside. We take great pride in actively serving our communities because, to us, local engagement is more than a strategy: It’s in our DNA as a company.

Our employees take great pride in living where we work, and being active in our communities comes naturally to us.  So what does being a locally engaged company look like?  In many communities we are a member of the Chamber of Commerce and volunteer in a wide array of local community organizations. Our employees are first responders, Little League coaches and PTA leaders.

We get involved with many local and regional events throughout the 28 states we serve. One upcoming event we’re excited to sponsor is the 50th annual McCall, Idaho, Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau’s Winter Carnival, taking place the first week of February.

The 10-day event includes all things winter, with something fun for the entire family. We are excited to participate in the crowd-pleasing Snow Sculptures display, as well as the Mardi Gras Parade. A wide range of features and activities will take place throughout the week of the carnival. Highlights include live music, a Vendor Court, winter sporting events, wine tastings, special dining options, live theater and comedy, and more!

The McCall Winter Carnival is just one of the many local experiences we will have the opportunity to sponsor and be a part of this year. Keep your eyes peeled for the next community event in your hometown. There’s a chance your neighbors at Frontier Communications will be there, too!