Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

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September 15th marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, and if you’re looking to celebrate in a fun way, look no further. One of the best ways to get in touch with a culture is through its entertainment. Whether you want to connect with Hispanic culture or you want to share in it with friends, there are a lot of ways you can enjoy the best entertainment from various Latin countries just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Call your friends over, grab your remote control, and break out the snacks, because your TV can be the perfect window to Hispanic pop culture. TV packages, such as La Conexión on FiOS TV from Frontier, bring a wide variety of Spanish-language shows to your home. And we’re not just talking about modern shows.

Take Tele N for example, a channel available through many Spanish Language Packages, including Frontier’s. You could host the perfect Throwback Thursday party during Hispanic Heritage Month with its selection of movies and major productions from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.  There’s also Centroamerica TV, which brings you entertainment straight out of Central America. It’s a great way to connect with the pop culture of various countries without hopping on a plane and seeing it firsthand. Of course, there’s a whole world of programming available to you through these Spanish Language Packages. With all these Spanish-language shows, you might want to brush up on your Spanish, which you can always do with online courses.

All that said, there are even more ways to connect with Hispanic pop culture, especially online. It can be as simple as surfing your way through YouTube and finding a great new vlogger to follow who lives in a Latin country or touches on Hispanic issues. Of course, all this pop culture at your fingertips needs to be accessed through a good internet connection if you don’t want to lag behind. That’s why it pays to have fast, reliable internet like FiOS or Frontier’s High-Speed Internet helping you out.

Pop culture and entertainment offer a relaxed, familiar way of interacting with and experiencing Hispanic culture. With modern avenues such as TV and the internet, exploring it this Hispanic Heritage Month is even easier.