Connecting with Companies and Brands Online

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Social media is a powerful tool for sharing memories and everyday moments with our friends and social networks. But social media can also be used to connect with your favorite brands and businesses. It’s an especially powerful tool for businesses looking to gain direct feedback and insights from their customers. Simply put, social media is more than sharing status updates and cat videos. It’s a bona fide customer service tool.

Using your Frontier broadband connection, you can easily use social media to connect with local companies, just as you would any other customer service channel.

A 2014 survey of 1,000 consumers nationwide conducted by Accent Marketing showed that Facebook, not surprisingly, was the choice of 82 percent of social media users when requesting information or service from companies. Twitter was the runner-up, with 30 percent of users turning to that platform of short, pithy word snippets for interaction with businesses.

Are you surprised to learn that many consumers exclusively use online interaction over more traditional lines of communication? Research at Arizona State University indicated Twitter users prefer their social medium of choice over email or a phone service line for contacting businesses, resolving issues and interacting with knowledgeable support staff.

While many consumers have not abandoned traditional avenues of communication as a means to reach businesses, it’s clear they are relying more heavily on social media as a primary channel for customer service inquiries or providing feedback. Recognizing the need for our customers to be able to reach out to us across social media and online platforms, Frontier provides several ways for our customers to connect with us online for customer service questions or support, including:


With your Frontier High-Speed Internet service, customer-business connections through social media sites are just a quick click away.