Does Your Home Need a Second Internet Connection?

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Is a second Internet connection right for your home? Chances are, yes! Read on to learn more.

Whether you have multiple users on your home network accessing the Internet using various devices at the same time, have teenagers at home who are always streaming videos or gaming, or if you work from home and need to access important files without delay, a second home Internet connection may be a solution for your broadband needs!

Recognizing the ever-increasing popularity and regular use of Internet-connected devices in the home, Frontier Communications is now offering our customers the option to add a second Internet connection under the Frontier Second Connect program. A second connection will allow our customers and their families to dedicate more bandwidth to the online activities most important to them.

This new program comes at a time when people are using their Internet connections more than ever before. The average number of Internet-connected devices per household is more than five, according to data from Ericsson1, a world leader in technology, and that number continues to climb. One in four homes has seven or more connected devices, all accessing the same Internet connection. In fact, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development2 predicts that by 2022, the average household with two teenage children will own roughly 50 Internet-connect devices, stemming from the Internet of Things!

Multiple devices accessing the same home network can put a strain on available bandwidth. But with a second home Internet connection, you can dedicate bandwidth to specific users, tasks or devices, preventing overuse of your home network.

As the Internet of Things continues to sweep the nation, more and more devices will require an Internet connection. Frontier Second Connect can provide the necessary dedicated bandwidth.