Driven to Win – An Interview with Molly Helmuth

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How do you break through as a young female athlete in a predominantly — and historically — male-dominated sport? If you’re 20-year-old race-car sensation Molly Helmuth, you keep your head up, set your eyes on the prize and race hard.

Frontier is proud to be a second-year sponsor of Molly Helmuth Racing. We first learned about Molly just a few years ago, and realized that Molly’s high-speed endeavors were a perfect match for our team. Since getting to know her, and her racing aspirations, all of us at Frontier wholeheartedly support this remarkable young woman who is quickly making a name for herself in the world of competitive racing. Molly agrees the partnership has been a “win-win” noting, “I am so appreciative of the incredible partnership I have with Frontier. Everyone has been so supportive of me and my career.”

Molly is the latest in a relatively short line of women who are committed to finding success in the racing world.

Molly’s love of racing began at the young age of 3. As soon as she was old enough, she was driving anything on four wheels — go-karts, ATV four-wheelers and eventually race cars. After beginning to race go-karts at age 11, Molly first got behind the wheel of a full-sized racing vehicle at 14, and has since moved on to — and currently races in — the NASCAR Super Late Model racing division. The late-model vehicle she’s currently driving is a heavier car brimming with horsepower.

Molly’s immediate plans for her racing career are to continue winning races in the Super Late Model series and eventually begin racing within the Camping World Truck Series, one of three major NASCAR racing divisions. In the next few years, she hopes to be making a name for herself and doing “whatever [she] can do to be in the driver’s seat of a car.”

While she is only 20 years old, Molly is well aware of the responsibility she bears being one of just a few female drivers in a traditionally male sport. While NASCAR was founded in 1948, it wasn’t until the 1970s that women were allowed into the garage and pits at race tracks around the country, including the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The pressure to perform will only continue to grow as Molly advances to higher racing divisions within the sport, where representation from female drivers is even sparser.

As one of the few female drivers in her racing league, Molly can feel the pressure, noting that when she races it’s as if all eyes are on her. Along those same lines, not wanting to be “beat by a girl,” Molly’s male competitors often double-down on their efforts on the race track when driving against her. But the added pressure is just another part of the job, and she welcomes the opportunity to prove to her competitors — male and female alike — that she is fully committed to driving her absolute best and winning as many races as possible.

The competition of racing and the need for speed push Molly to work that much harder in order to pass her competitors and win. Her experiences in racing have also helped Molly develop a bit of a thicker skin, a trait that allows women and girls of all ages and interests to relate to her.

When Molly speaks to young girls, she reminds them to keep their heads up through the toughest of times. She draws from her own experiences when she recalls, “I wanted to give up multiple times, and it took me a while to get good at this sport. But I was told quitting lasts a lifetime, and it’s true. I knew I wasn’t someone to give up on anything; if I quit now, I would have had to deal with this decision for the rest of my life, and that wasn’t something I was OK with.”

On finding success in the racing world as a girl, Molly said: “From a young age, boys are told that girls are weaker, but girls are just as tough as boys, if not better and tougher.” Based on her experiences, Molly advises anyone with a passion for something to “get out there and do what you love and show people you can be whatever you want to be.”

Driven by Frontier

Frontier Communications is incredibly proud to be a sponsor of Molly’s 2015 racing season. This season, Molly continues to drive the No. 90 Frontier Communications Super Late Model at the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington. Stop by Frontier Family Night at the Evergreen Speedway on September 5th to see Molly in action!

For Molly, the partnership with Frontier has been “phenomenal.” As her racing career advances, all of us here at Frontier look forward to rising the ranks of the racing world alongside her. As Molly puts it, “Frontier has been amazing to me, and I hope we can further our partnership in the future and they can follow me to NASCAR. It would be an amazing journey to know that they were with me since square one!”

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