Embracing Internet Technology Safely and Securely

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Advances in technology and connectivity have continued to transform the ways we learn, work and play. Fully embracing new technology can be an intimidating prospect, but there is no need to fear. While digital technology can pose certain risks and dangers, there are simple safety measures you can take to arm yourself against digital threats.

In order to protect yourself from digital threats, you must know your enemy. Cyber-criminals have a number of different ways to trick you and to try and steal your personal information. Malware, defined by MIT as “any software that gets installed onto your computer and performs an unwanted task,” is one of the most common tools in a cyber-criminal’s arsenal. Computer viruses designed to damage your machine, spyware that works to steal your personal information, and even annoying pop-up ads are all forms of malware you could run into.

A critical first step in protecting yourself from digital danger is to find and install trustworthy and reliable antivirus software. Your computer may have come equipped with some form of anti-virus software, and if not, there are plenty of alternatives available for you to purchase or download. Once you have installed anti-virus software, it will regularly scan your files and alert you to any unusual or threatening online activity.

One of the easiest, but most essential, security steps you can take is to keep your computer’s operating system up to date. Your operating system and anti-virus software providers are constantly on the lookout for the latest security flaws and regularly send out updates to make sure you are protected from the newest cyber threats and viruses. Be sure your computer is set to update automatically so you are not left vulnerable to the latest viruses and scams.

Technology has made it easier than ever to share all sorts of information, but there are still plenty of things that are best left private. Keep a tight grip on your personal information and exercise caution when giving it out online. Only give out sensitive information like credit card numbers to sites you absolutely trust, and never to strangers. You should also make sure your personal information is protected with a password that is private and difficult for a stranger or potential thief to guess.

Even as technology continues to advance and move at a lightning-fast pace, there is still a need for users to exercise common sense online. Be wary of websites that seem compromised in any way. Never download files from people or websites you have never heard of, and be wary of entering personal information online when using public Wi-Fi. We all have that little voice in our heads that warns us when something doesn’t look right, and it is worth being cautious when on the Internet.

Frontier is committed to not only bringing you the best in Internet service, but also to ensuring your Internet experience is a safe and secure one. This past May, our Frontier Secure team attended the AARP Life @50+ National Event & Expo in order to spread the word about how to embrace technology in a safe and secure way. By following these tips and staying up to date on cyber security, you will be well protected from whatever is out there, and free to enjoy the wonders of the Web with peace of mind. For added protection, the Frontier Secure suite of products has the solutions you need to protect your digital life.