Faster Internet speeds have arrived for Frontier Communications’ residential customers in FiOS® serviceable neighborhoods in Oregon and Washington! So what do these new and improved, super-fast speeds mean for you? For starters, customers in eligible markets can now access speeds up to 100 Mbps. Our new, faster connections will support optimal streaming, gaming, and file uploads and downloads.

Our new enhanced broadband speeds will allow our customers to enjoy seamless video streaming while avoiding annoying buffer time. Our upgraded speeds in FiOS communities mean you can download movies, stream music or video chat at maximum speeds, minus the risk of delays or glitches that leave you out of the action.

Residential customers in Washington and Oregon have the option to choose from three different speed options that will put you in the fast lane for an optimal online experience. Here’s an overview of our upgraded residential speeds and how you can use these speeds to your full advantage:

  • 30/5 Mbps: Best for everyday Web browsing and multimedia streaming, social media/messaging, managing email and having up to three devices online at once.
  • 50/10 Mbps: Best for smoother video with multiple HD streams, quick file and photo sharing, more intense gaming and having up to five devices online at once.
  • 100/15 Mbps: Best for video sharing and conferencing, fast movies with several HD streams, high-performance gaming with multiple users and having more than five devices online at once

We are able to deliver these enhanced broadband speeds through our FiOS network by employing 100% fiber optic connections straight to our customers’ homes. FiOS harnesses the speed, clarity and power of light through a dedicated 100% fiber optic connection, directly to your home. Using top-rated Fiber to the Home (FTTH)-technology provides our FiOS customers with superior performance and reliability.

Joining in on the “network of the future” will allow you to connect, upload and download in a fraction of the time. Frontier is committed to fulfilling our customers’ needs for higher speeds in our increasingly digital world. Learn more about our new, enhanced broadband speeds today by visiting: