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With summer fully settled in around the country, many people find themselves with some extra time to do things they’ve been planning for a while. For a good amount of people, this means finally having time to pack up their belongings and move to a new place.

As time passes, your housing needs may change. Perhaps your family has outgrown your current home or maybe you have your eyes set on a new neighborhood. If you’re in the market for a new home or just about ready to move, here are some online tools that can help you out:



Trulia allows you to search anywhere in the US, by either city name or ZIP Code. You can choose to narrow down your search by selecting your preferred number of rooms or your desired square footage. This site even offers a quick and easy calculator for determining what your current home is worth on the market, if you’re looking to sell before moving.



The largest real estate network on the web and accessible via mobile devices, Zillow is perfect for those who want an all-encompassing experience. Not only can you find typical options like different filters and a convenient map view, but the site also has some unique features. Case in point, Zillow might be the only home-search site that also has a surprisingly extensive home design inspiration section.

What do you do after you’ve found your new home and are ready to begin the moving process? If you’re reading this blog, then you know the next step is to let the internet do the hard work for you. is your one destination to take care of all your moving needs. After filling out one quick form, you can get up to four quotes from reliable moving companies, storage locations and gain access to other handy tools, such as a moving cost calculator. No more moving-related headaches!


I Am Moving

Your new home is ready for you, and the movers are set to pick up your stuff. But how do you let all the important organizations and companies you belong to know? maintains a database of 1,500 organizations ranging from charities to electricity companies. The site can automatically send an update on your new location to these organizations. Did we mention it’s absolutely free?


A good home is central to a good life. It’s where you will make long-lasting memories, where you will spend the majority of your time and, just maybe, where you will get work done. And, with today’s advances in telecommunications technology and high speed internet access, many people are using their homes as the command centers for their personally-owned business.

Fortunately, Frontier Communications has you covered with broadband speeds that fit the different needs for your different jobs. Even if you don’t end up working from home, Frontier’s communications services will still come in handy when you want some entertainment and fun.