Five Reasons Not to Ditch Your Landline

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We live in a wireless world, where just about everyone has a mobile phone. So, do you still need a landline phone? The answer is a resounding yes. In its review of over 80 cordless phones, Consumer Reports identified several key reasons why consumers should stick with a home phone service. Here are just a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t plan on saying goodbye to your landline anytime soon.

The Quality of Sound is Better

The Consumer Reports test of more than 80 cordless phones found that voice quality for talking and listening was generally better for cordless phones than cell phones. Sound quality for your phone is especially important if you suffer from hearing loss, are using your phone in a noisy area or spend longer amounts of time on your phone.

Uninterrupted Service in the Home

Cordless phones operating over a landline will hold a better sound connection throughout every room of your home, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted conversations. This may not always be the case for cell phones, where stable service can be restricted to certain rooms within the home where your cellular connection is strongest.

Enhanced Safety Functionality

In an emergency, if you need to call 911, your landline number will provide the operators with the most dependable information. Your home phone is connected to your address, down to your apartment number, so it will provide more conclusive information about your location in an emergency than a cell phone.

In addition to being a benefit to 911 operators, most home-security systems generally require a landline connection to monitor fire- and burglar-alarm sensors.

Charged and Ready to Go

Unfortunately, during a power outage, you may not be able to dependably use a cell phone. A cell phone requires electricity to charge, and sooner or later, it will lose its power. A corded landline phone, however, doesn’t rely on electricity to function, allowing you to pick up the phone at any given time during an outage.

More Modern Models

If your current home phone is outdated, there are many new models available that offer a variety of features, similar to a cell phone. These features include easy-to-read displays, speakerphone, voicemail indicator and answering machine capabilities, as well as caller ID. On top of these modern phone features, certain cordless models can stand in for your cell phone. Some cordless models come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to link your cell phone to your home phone, allowing you to take and answer calls to your cell phone on your home phone.

With landline home phone service from Frontier Communications, you can enjoy all of these benefits, as well as reliable and secure local and long-distance calling and a clear connection with no dropped calls.