Freeing up the way you watch TV with FreedomTV

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We’re freeing up the way you watch TV! Frontier is thrilled to introduce FreedomTV™, currently available in Elk Grove, California.

The new offering, available with Frontier’s high-speed Internet service, provides customers with access to local channels for live news, sports and weather, and includes the ability to stream additional content as they choose. It combines over-the-air digital broadcast channels with unlimited streamed programming, allowing customers to pay only for what they want to watch.

What can you stream with FreedomTV? Streaming services such as VUDU and YouTube for starters. Plus iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify.

Programming is delivered to subscriber televisions through a state-of-the-art TiVo® Roamio set-top DVR included with FreedomTV, and to their mobile devices at home via the optional TiVo Stream™ service. Subscribers enjoy the flexibility to choose what to watch, and where and when to watch it, without paying for channels they don’t want. The new service also includes a Frontier-installed HD antenna for local-channel signal reception, along with DVR capabilities to record four programs at once and store up to 500 hours of recorded programming.

Frontier’s FreedomTV represents the future of TV. With FreedomTV, you’re FREE to choose – not just what you watch – but where and when you watch. Enjoy the freedom of only paying for channels you want, and forget about those you don’t watch. And finally, free yourself from upfront equipment costs because we will supply and install everything you need to get started with FreedomTV.

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