From Voice to Choice: Telecom Adapts to Remain Competitive

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The telephone service landscape has been changing on the residential side with the advent of cell phones and now the popularity of smartphones and texting. Small and medium sized businesses are also looking at alternatives to traditional phone lines including mobility solutions, voice-over-IP, and cloud services.  As a result, traditional phone service providers must reinvent themselves to stay competitive.

Frontier Communications is one of the two largest incumbent phone companies in Washington State.  In the four years since Frontier purchased the Washington territory from Verizon, the company has initiated an intense transition from a telecom provider to a cutting edge broadband and solutions provider.

“We are ultra-focused on providing the products and services consumers demand today,” said Ken Baldwin, Frontier General Manager.  “We have proactively responded to the changing times and view ourselves as an 80 year old start-up company. That’s just the way we think now.”

On April 1st, Frontier launched a new commercial brand, Frontier Business Edge, which offers small, medium and enterprise sized companies a choice of solutions including fast Internet speeds, unlimited voice, data networking, cloud services, supporting equipment, and more.  “We don’t just provide companies with voice platforms.  We provide total business solutions for companies of all sizes,” said Baldwin.

When a local aviation company needed to move its business from Renton to Arlington and establish logistics coordination with a customer, a forestry management agency in the area, Frontier was able to deliver a solution that integrated all its applications and provided a non-terrestrial back-up to insure continuity of service.

“We are challenged every day to supply complex solutions that meet the demands of our residential and commercial customers,” said Baldwin. “We’ve moved way beyond our heritage of the phone company in the traditional sense.  Whether at home or the office, we have everything you need to stay connected. So give us a call.”

Source: Geekwire