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If symmetry makes things beautiful, Frontier Communication’s 2FASTSM Internet service is first in line for the pageant crown.

Earlier this month Frontier launched 2FAST Always Fast FiOS® Internet service, featuring symmetrical upload and download speeds. In the week following the launch, these new speed tiers sparked the interest of many news outlets throughout the Northwestern United States.

“This is the first time that you have the same speed up and down,” said an excited Dave Bourne of KUIK Radio’s Westside Morning Report in Washington County, Ore. “I can’t wait.”


What it means to have symmetrical broadband

The current industry standard is to offer asymmetrical broadband packages, in which the upload speed is a mere fraction of the download speed. For example, it’s not uncommon to see packages in the market with a 50Mbps download speed and only a 5Mbps upload speed. But the demand for faster upload speeds is rising, and now Frontier is matching the upload and download speeds—megabyte for megabyte.


Why symmetry matters

“If you work from home as much as I do, you know that Internet connection at times can be somewhat sketchy,” said Brian Bushlach of FM News 101 KXL. For telecommuters like Bushlach, faster upload speeds mean higher-quality Skyping and other types of videoconferencing. For gamers, faster upload speeds mean less lag during crucial moments.


Yet, as noted last week, even basic Internet functions like sending email attachments and uploading files to the cloud increase the stress on upload connections, as does sharing photos and videos via Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

Crowded bandwidth from multiple devices on one network is another uploading problem solved by 2FAST, noted Fierce Telecom. Frontier’s 2FAST “enables users to have more consistent speeds to access online video and other applications from their growing arsenal of devices in the home.”


Symmetry suited to your needs

Symmetrical Internet SpeedsAlong with symmetrical broadband speeds, Frontier 2FAST features two new speed tiers, so you can pick the speed that best matches your Internet activity. To find the symmetrical broadband tier that fits your Internet needs, visit

Frontier is proud to be leading the way in symmetrical broadband offerings. Check out the following links to see even more media coverage of the new 2FAST Frontier product.

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