Getting Your News Online

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While the next presidential election isn’t until 2016, the news cycle is already intensifying with a sharp focus on politics and other newsworthy topics of the day. There are a vast and growing number of ways to access your news online. We are no longer dependent on the morning newspaper or evening news to learn about the events of the day. Stay up to date with news as it happens with your Frontier Broadband Connection by following some of the many websites that report news on a local and national level.


  • If you’re a true-blue news enthusiast, Breaking News ( should be among your favorite online destinations. This news-aggregation site features a rolling feed of headlines, presented in time sequence, with links for each to the original source, supplemented by occasional live video feeds or photos of news at it happens. Breaking News captures nationally and globally important headlines, and also reports compelling stories on topics not normally part of daily news digest. A global map accompanies the news feeds, with areas highlighted where breaking events are happening.
  • For traditional high-quality reporting, take a look at Reuters ( The international news agency based in the United Kingdom is a longtime fixture on the newsgathering scene. The U.S.-centric version of this site provides a broad array of both breaking and in-depth news on a variety of topics not in the headlines typically reported by other mass media.
  • If you’re looking for a quick read on a broad spectrum of news from hundreds of U.S. and international sources, all reduced to a single headline, photo and two paragraphs, try Newser ( The site’s tagline is “read less, know more,” and topics run the gamut from breaking news events to updates on health, science, technology, politics, celebrities, entertainment and crime.
  • For something completely different, Reddit ( ), a site sometimes known as the “front page of the Internet,” is a bulletin-board-style blend of news, unique articles, photos, videos and user-generated discussions that captures the diversity of online information. Users can organize content according to specific areas of interest.


Your Frontier Broadband connection, with free Wi-Fi to power your mobile devices, makes it easy to stay connected to an abundance of news sources that are as broad and diverse — or as focused — as you desire. Go online and transform your computer, laptop or mobile device into a personal newsstand.