Going on a Virtual Road Trip of the Great 28 States Frontier Serves

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This summer, Frontier is taking you on a virtual road trip across the Great 28 states we serve across our nation, and we have been handing out weekly prizes – and the chance to win a grand prize – along the way! Now in its final weeks, playing our Great 28 Social Media Contest is easy – and you’ll enjoy chances to win all summer long.

Each week the Great 28 virtual road trip visits two different states we serve. In our West Region, the Great 28 has visited or will be making stops in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Montana! When we make a stop on the virtual road trip, we will test your knowledge on these states and ask trivia questions like:

What is the state animal of Montana?

Answer: The Grizzly Bear

The town of Rigby, Idaho, is known as the birthplace of:

Answer: Television

On what holiday does Oregon’s birthday fall?

Answer: Valentine’s Day

What is the California state motto?

Answer: I Have Found It!

What is the dominant color of Washington’s state flag?

Answer: Green

Test your knowledge of the states Frontier serves. The Great 28 Challenge will continue through Labor Day. Check the Frontier Communications Facebook Page every Monday for a new chance to win! Each week, five winners of $25 Amazon gift cards are selected, and everyone who takes the Challenge will be entered to win a grand prize valued at $1,000, along with a gift basket filled with goodies from across the states we serve.
With a Frontier Internet connection in your home, you can discover the Great 28 without ever having to leave your couch! Thank you for playing your way across the Great 28! We’re excited to help our social media audience learn more about the communities we serve. Click here to play now: http://bit.ly/FTRGreat28