How to Program Your FiOS Remote

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Your FiOS® by Frontier® TV remote control puts entertainment access at your fingertips. To get the most out of your FiOS TV experience, you first need to program your FiOS TV remote.

There are two ways you can program your FiOS TV remote:

  1. Code Search Method
  2. Manual Method

We’ll walk you through the steps of both, and provide some troubleshooting tips for the most common issues you may encounter while setting up your FiOS TV remote.

Before you try either method to program your FiOS TV remote, check the following:

  1. Make sure your FiOS TV service is active.
  2. Make sure the remote has an unobstructed view of both the set-top box and the TV.

It is also important to note that the TV Power, VOL+, VOL-, MUTE, and A/V buttons will control your TV while all the other buttons on your FiOS remote will control the Frontier set-top box.

Code Search Method

The Code Search method is the easiest, and often quickest way to set up your FiOS TV remote because it will automatically search for the remote control code for your TV. The remote control code tells the remote what infrared frequency to use to communicate with your TV.

How to Set Up your FiOS TV Remote:

  1. Make sure there are batteries in your FiOS TV remote.
  2. Use the remote that came with your TV to turn on your TV, and if necessary, change the A/V input to your set-top box.
  3. Turn on your FiOS set-top box.
  4. On your FiOS remote, and press and hold the OK button, and while holding the OK button, press the FiOS TV button for 2 seconds.
  5. Release both buttons, and the red LED light on the FiOS remote will blink twice and then stay on.
  6. Now point the FiOS remote at your TV, and then press and hold the Play/Pause button. This tells the remote to automatically look for the TV code, which is indicated by the red LED light. It blinks each time a new code is sent. Be patient, this process could take up to eight minutes as it goes through more than 400 codes.
  7. When your TV turns off, stop pressing the play button.

Now you need to test that the remote control is programmed for your TV. To test that the FiOS remote is programmed for your TV, do the following:

  1. Turn the TV back on with the TV power button on the FiOS remote.
  2. Now test the volume buttons by pressing VOL+ and VOL-.

If all the buttons work, press the OK button to save the changes. The red LED light will blink three times and then turn off.

That’s it. Now you can use your FiOS remote to control your TV.

Troubleshooting the Code Search Method

Generally, using the Code Search method is the easiest, most efficient way to set your your TV to work with your FiOS TV remote. Sometimes, though, issues pop up. Here are some of the most common ones and their respective solutions.

Issue: TV doesn’t turn on when you press the TV Power button.
Solution: Manually turn on your TV, which means physically pressing the power button on your TV, and then return to Step 1.

Issue: VOL, Mute, or A/V buttons don’t work.
Solution: This is most likely a problem with the remote itself, so to resolve the issue, do the following:
1. Press and hold the OK and ★ buttons together so the red LED light blinks twice and remains on.
2. Press and hold the faulty button (VOL, MUTE, or A/V) as the remote tries new codes.
3. When your TV responds, release the button.
4. Press OK to save.

Issue: Need to start over.
Solution: Press the EXIT button, which will turn off the red LED light so you can start over.

If the Code Search method doesn’t work, even after troubleshooting issues, try the Manual method for setting up your FiOS TV remote.

Manual Method

The Manual method is very similar to the Code Search Method, but instead of having the FiOS remote sync and automatically search for the TV code, you must manually enter the TV code. This, of course, also means you need to know the TV code for your TV, which you can find on the second page of the FiOS® TV Remote User Guide.

For easier access, here are the TV codes for some of the most common TV brands:


TV Brand TV Code
AOC 026
Audiovox 035
Coby 070
Envision 114
Funai 128
Haier 146
Hitachi 164
Insignia 180
JVC 193
LG 210
Magnavox 222
Mitsubishi 243
Panasonic 279
Philips 285
Pioneer 290
Polaroid 294
RCA 321
Samsung 331
Sansui 332
Sanyo 333
Sceptre 335
Sharp 342
Sony 352
Sylvania 371
Toshiba 397
Viewsonic 418
Vizio 424
Westinghouse 433
Zenith 440


How to Manually Set Up your FiOS TV Remote:

  1. Turn on both TV and FiOS Set-Top Box.
  2. From the FiOS® TV Remote User Guide, locate 3-digit code for your TV brand. If you can’t find your TV code, go back and use the Code Search method.
  3. Press and hold both OK and 0 until the red LED light on the remote blinks twice and remains on.
  4. Enter your 3-digit TV code, and see that the red LED light blinks twice and remains on.
  5. Press and release CH+ button repeatedly until TV turns off. It’s important to note that some TVs respond slower than others. Allow at least 1 second between button presses.
  6. Turn on your TV by pressing the TV Power button, and then press VOL+ and VOL- to see if your TV responds. Also test MUTE and A/V. If any button doesn’t work, press and hold until it does.
  7. Press OK to save code programming, and watch the red LED light blinks 3 times, and then turn off.

Congratulations! You have successfully programmed the FiOS TV remote control for your TV.