Moving in to Beaverton, Oregon

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It’s hard to appreciate your new home when you’re picking up and starting over, but we know you’re going to love the City of Beaverton. Home to the World Nike Headquarters, the famous food carts, and a slew of local attractions, Beaverton has a rich heritage and plenty of personality. Before you can enjoy your new town’s charms and quirks though, you’ve got to deal with the stress of mundane (albeit essential) tasks like signing up for utilities and finding schools. That’s where we can help.

We’ve gathered everything you need to get past the hurdles of moving in so you can settle down and experience the best that Beaverton, Oregon has to offer.

Changing your address

Hopefully you got a chance to do this before you moved, but if you didn’t you can still get mail that’s sent to your old address forwarded to your new one. Just visit the Change of Address page at the USPS website. Keep the following in mind when filling out your form:

  • Your change of address will only operate for 12 months, so make sure all important entities are aware of your new address during this period
  • It takes 7 to 10 business days for the change of address to take place
  • The USPS website is the only place you can update or cancel the address change
  • You must supply a valid credit card number and email address to complete the request (these will not be given to any third-parties)

Setting up utilities

Water, gas, and electric services are supplied by Tualatin Valley Water District, NW Natural, and Portland General Electric respectively. Visit any of their sites to sign up for an account, set up online bill pay, or get tips and special offers to cut down on monthly costs. The City of Beaverton also provides weekly curbside garbage and recycling pickup through Waste Management. Collection days and times vary by neighborhood, but you can learn more about rates and dates by visiting the city’s Recycling and Garbage page.

Ordering home services

Once you’ve set up basic utilities, it’s time to focus on the true necessities—namely TV and Internet. Frontier is the primary telecommunications provider in Beaverton and offers a multitude of TV, Internet, and home phone packages. You can view the most popular packages on the web, and then call in to create a custom home service plan that fits your needs and your budget. Frontier also runs local branches, so you can stop by to speak with a representative or call in to discuss your service with a US-based customer support member.

Finding the right schools

There are 5 high schools, 8 middle schools, and over 30 elementary schools in the Beaverton School District. To learn which school boundaries your neighborhood is a part of just look up the geographic details on the district’s Boundary Information page. For general information about the best schools in Beaverton, the Oregon Department of Education publishes a yearly report card that rates schools in the district. If you want specific ratings on individual schools, hosts community reviews of both public and private schools in the city.

Going local

Now that you’ve set up the basics, you can get to know Beaverton better. Locals start their day at Insomnia Coffee Company before taking in the wildlife at Tualatin Hills or Hyland Forest Park. For lunch you can go fancy at Decarli or fast at the Pork Chop City truck. Then you can end the day at the Golden Valley Brewery and Restaurant for dinner followed by a movie at Cinetopia. If you’d rather sit in with a good book, however, drop by a Beaverton City Library or Powell’s Books to find the perfect read.

Settling in

With the last box unpacked and everything else squared away you can finally relax. All your home services are set up, you know which schools you like best, and you’ve even found some nearby hotspots to sample. If we somehow missed your favorite coffee nook or local flavor, let us know in the comments below—we’re positive Beaverton has plenty more to offer.

Image by swainboat via Flickr