Moving on up: Finding a job online

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The search for a new job doesn’t have to be all that difficult, or even that physically taxing. With the number of ways that technology, the internet in particular, has evolved, your job search can go as smoothly as you’d like it to. Whatever career-related needs you may have, there are a myriad of different ways the online world can help you.


Company Websites

The vast majority of companies have sections on their websites dedicated to careers they have available, including Frontier. Though they vary in look and feel, these kinds of pages offer arguably the most direct lines of contact to the company and should be one of the first places you look. However, if for some reason the company you’re interested in doesn’t have such a page, or doesn’t have any openings listed, there are other options.


Social Media

Now we don’t mean your standard social media sites. Sure, you might see something pop up in your Twitter feed, especially if you follow companies you’d like to work for, but it’s not a sure thing. Instead, you should consider a more professional social site. LinkedIn is a social networking site oriented towards business. Your profile acts as a resume, allowing you to list everything from your job history to any organizations you might be a part of. The desktop site and main app allow you to connect with other professionals and become part of various groups that can help you find job opportunities. Proactive users can search for jobs on the desktop site or download LinkedIn’s dedicated job search app and search on-the-go.


Online Job Sites

You’ve searched company sites and you’ve got your LinkedIn account set up, but you still want to shore up your job-hunting resources. Turn on that computer then, because it’s time to visit online job sites to search for your dream job. In the early days of the internet, there was a sea of job boards posted online for you to look through.


Thankfully, time has allowed for some streamlining, and now you can focus on two of the biggest traditional job boards, CareerBuilder and Monster. Job boards hold a large number of potential jobs and allow you to upload or fill out your resume since most jobs allow you to apply straight from the website. If those aren’t your thing, though, you can always fall back on the aggregators, like Indeed. Aggregators trawl through the entire internet in order to find job postings related to your search, saving you quite a bit of time.


Even though times have changed and job hunting isn’t as easy as walking into someone’s office one day with a resume in hand, a solid internet connection and a good plan of attack can help you reach your professional dreams. Frontier’s own internet services can help you stay connected to any of these resources, as well as countless others found online, thanks to their strength and dependability.