Relocating to Wenatchee, WA

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Wenatchee is located in the center of Washington State, and is dissected by the impressive Columbia River. The city of approximately 33,000 boasts an array of things to do. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, lover of art and culture or self-proclaimed shopaholic, you won’t regret a move to wonderful Wenatchee, Washington.

Unfortunately, before you can explore all Wenatchee has to offer, you need to have your home’s electricity turned on, find your child a school and equip your home with must-haves like Internet service and phone. You’ve come to the right place to get started. We’ve done the digging for you and proudly offer you this cheat sheet to getting settled in Wenatchee.

Changing Your Address
We’re living in the age of email, but snail mail is still important. If you haven’t already done so, submit an official Change of Address with the USPS as soon as possible. A Change of Address ensures mail delivered to your old address will be forwarded to your new one. Avoid a trip to the post office and submit your form while sipping morning coffee; just visit the Change of Address page on the USPS website.

As you fill out the form, it’s important to keep some things at the front of your mind. Your change of address will only operate for 12 months, so make sure all important entities are aware of your new address during this period. Understand that it takes 7 to 10 business days for you change of address to kick in, so don’t expect to receive mail from your old address right away.

Some unscrupulous websites try to trick you into thinking you can fill out the official Change of Address form on their site; you can’t. The USPS website is the one and only place you can update or cancel your change of address.

Setting Up Utilities
Now that you’ve informed Mr. Postman of your move, it’s time to set up utilities and start transforming your house into a home. PUD Chelan County provides electricity to your residence in Wenatchee. You’ll need to call (509) 661-8002 to establish service. PUD Chelan County charges a $16.50 connection fee. One stop at Wenatchee City Hall, located at 129 South Chelan Avenue, and you can get your water, sewer and garbage services established. Be sure to have at least one form of picture identification with you and expect to be billed every two months for these services. You can pay online.

Finding the Right Schools
If you have children, finding the right school is surely a task you’ll want to tackle ASAP. We’re going to make it easy. You might like to know Wenatchee has 17 public schools and 24 private schools. Find out which school your child will attend by referencing this Boundary Map, then look up a link to the school’s website here. Want to know what’s being served for lunch? Click here. Nothing beats visiting a school in person, speaking with the principal and going on a tour, but it’s also helpful to get an insider’s opinion. One fantastic way to do so is by visiting The site allows you to compare schools in several categories and offers reviews from parents, teachers and students.

Ordering Home Services
Your family is going to be thrilled with the TV, Internet, and home phone services available to you in Wenatchee. And you’ll love that with just one call, you can get all three services set up! The major telecommunications provider in your new hometown is Frontier. Frontier is known for its variety of TV, Internet, and home phone packages, so you won’t waste precious time finding the best option for your family’s needs and budget. Frontier also gives you the flexibility to create your own package. Just stop in a Frontier branch and let a customer service professional help you.

Going Local
Take our word for it, you won’t feel like an outsider long in Wenatchee. To help you get aquatinted with your surroundings we’ve gathered a few activities the locals like, and you might too. Start your day rubbing elbows with your neighbors at Caffè Mela, an artisan coffee roasting company located in historic downtown Wenatchee. Then shop for fresh ingredients for tonight’s meal at the Rhubarb Market. Dedicated to supporting small local farmers, you’ll find everything from seasonal vegetables, to local artisan cheeses and breads. Call a babysitter and enjoy a well deserved meal or a fun cooking class at Chateau Grill and round out your evening with a stop at one of the area’s famous craft breweries.

Settling In
No one said moving would be easy, but relocating to Wenatchee is worth the effort! Now that you’re settled in, you’re sure to discover some of the city’s treasures we’ve overlooked. When you do, let us know by sharing your “secret find” in the comment block below.

Image of Wenatchee by David Grant via Flickr