Technology Helping Couples Plan for “I Do’s”

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Few events require as much preparation, planning and personalization as your wedding day. No matter the budget, venue or location, a few age-old traditions for tying the knot remain. Brides still toss the bouquet, fathers still walk their daughters down the aisle, and parents still shed tears of happiness as their children mark another of life’s major milestones.

While these traditions remain unchanged, many other aspects of wedding planning have been reshaped by technology. And, since October is one of the most popular months to plan a wedding, it is fitting to review some of the most useful wedding-planning online tools.

Most noticeably, there is a plethora of online resources and websites to bring wedding inspiration for the brides and grooms-to-be. Sites such as, TheKnot and Style Me Pretty are brimming with inspiration to help couples plan for their big day.

Another must-visit online destination for wedding planning is Pinterest, an online discovery tool where you can explore a wide range of wedding ideas. Pinterest users are able to save their favorite ideas by “pinning” items to visual bulletin boards for future reference. A search for “wedding ideas” on Pinterest turns up thousands of results.

The process for identifying and working with wedding vendors, such as photographers, florists and caterers, has been streamlined by technology. Most vendors have their own websites, saving couples the inconvenience, stress and expense of traveling around to visit with potential photographers, caterers and limousine services during the early stages of wedding planning. While in-person visits are essential before a deal is finalized, the “weeding-out” process of suppliers that don’t make the cut is made easy by online evaluation through their sites.

And even the gift-giving process has been simplified. Couples setting up online registries at their preferred retailers’ sites can make it easy for out-of-towners, as well as those planning to attend in person, to make no-hassle purchases of wedding gifts. Couples can even save for their honeymoon by with sites such as, which enables guests to make direct contributions to the couple’s honeymoon plans and expenses.

Of course, the ramp-up to a wedding is more than just planning for logistics. It’s also about sharing the excitement and anticipation of the nuptial event with friends and family. Social media allows everyone to become part of the fun with Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and wedding-specific blogs providing platforms for couples to share pictures and stories from engagement parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, the wedding day and the honeymoon. On the day of the wedding, photo-sharing tools like Instagram allow every guest to play the role of photographer using a wedding-centric hashtag.

Broadband service from Frontier can help you stay connected to these innovative online wedding-planning tools. Today’s technology offers great ways to help plan a truly special, memorable event, but it can only take you so far. Slipping a ring on your soul mate’s finger and saying “I do” still is up to you!