The Most Anticipated Announcements of E3 2016

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If you’re a gamer worth your controller, you know exactly what’s happening this week. It has to do with three simple words: Electronic Entertainment Expo. For those just being introduced to the expo, it’s known as E3, and it’s an annual trade show for computer, video and mobile games and related products. The expo takes place June 14-16. Every major video game company, from Electronic Arts to Sony, makes an appearance, with many hosting extravagant presentations that show off upcoming games. It’s like Christmas in June for anyone and everyone who’s into gaming.

And just like Christmas, everyone is itching to know what they’ll be getting. Here are some of the most anticipated announcements and games to look forward to.

Nintendo, period

Nintendo may be scaling back their E3 presence this year, but that just makes for more excitement about any surprises they have in store. Though the company originally planned to showcase only their new Legend of Zelda for Wii U, they’ve recently updated their plans to include several other games, such as Monster Hunter Generations and the highly anticipated Pokémon Sun and Moon, the newest entry in the Pokémon franchise. Still no word on whether E3-goers will get even a hint of info about Nintendo’s new console, the NX, but you can never count Nintendo out.

Updated consoles

There are some who say that instead of entirely new consoles, companies such as Sony and Microsoft are moving toward a more computer-like model of releasing upgraded versions of current consoles. With all the rumors of a new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One swirling around this year’s E3, those people may just be right. The rumored PS4 “Neo” is said to be faster, stronger and capable of putting out a 4K signal, while other reports say the new version of the Xbox One will be smaller and include a larger hard drive. Reports for both of these console updates have been fairly concrete, so there’s a chance we’ll hear about at least one of them at E3.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Video games sure make for some strange bedfellows. How else could you explain the popularity of a franchise that combines Disney characters with the characters and designs of Final Fantasy developer Square Enix? Still, fighting alongside Goofy and Donald Duck is an appealing idea, if the series’ 20 million sales worldwide are any indication. Square Enix has released teasers, trailers and news since 2014’s E3 conference, and you can bet we’re chomping at the bit for more info this year. Will we hear about a solid release date or perhaps a new Disney world to visit? We’ll find out soon!

These are just some of the E3 announcements that have people buzzing. There are sure to be many surprises, twists and, yes, memes that will come out of this year’s expo.

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With a strong internet connection in place, grab your best gamer fuel, sit back and enjoy the fun. You can see each press conference on the expo’s official live stream, hosted by GameSpot. You can also watch through a different gaming website, such as IGN, or by going straight to the source, such as PlayStation Live.

However you choose to enjoy the show, we hope all your E3 wishes come true!