Three Perks of Following Brands on Social Media

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Whether you’re connecting with strangers thousands of miles away or your next-door neighbor, social media is a powerful tool for sharing certain aspects of your life. But there’s more to it than uploading a snazzy photo of your lunch to Instagram. Social media can also allow you to connect with your favorite brands and businesses. It’s a great, powerful tool that allows businesses to receive direct feedback from customers. When we’re not all sharing cat videos, of course.

A study found that, as of 2016, 78% of people in the U.S. had a social media profile, so there’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you’re familiar with the process for interacting online, particularly when it comes to the big sites such as Facebook and Twitter. But if you’ve never thought about it, these perks may be enough to inspire you to log on and follow your favorite brand.

Customer Service

For brands, providing support is now a major focal point of their social media strategies. In many cases, social media can be much faster than traditional customer service channels! Numbers from Twitter suggest that brands respond to about 60% of tweets directed at their customer service accounts. As an example, Frontier dedicates itself to answering customer questions both in our regular Twitter account and at @AskFrontier, an account made exclusively for answering customer questions.

Additionally, many brands are also making it easier than ever to connect in different languages. You’ll find Spanish-language pages for almost every large brand, ready and able to answer customer service questions en español. At Frontier Communications, we are proud to have Spanish-language pages on both Facebook and Twitter.


Who doesn’t love a good deal? Whether it’s a coupon code or a chance at winning something for free, saving money is a great feeling. Luckily, access to deals, often exclusive ones, is another one of the perks of following a brand on social media. Sometimes it can be as simple as offhandedly mentioning a positive brand experience. Many brands scour the internet for posts like that and surprise users with small gifts, such as coupons, for their kind words. This kind of perk is especially popular on Twitter, where it’s easier for brands to search themselves.

That’s not to say that Facebook is far behind on that front. You’ll find quite a few pages that hand out deals every now and then, although a more popular format on Facebook is the sweepstakes. In exchange for a small bit of participation, many brands will reward a certain number of users with various prizes. A good example of this kind of perk is currently being held on Frontier’s own Facebook page.


According to a 2016 report from the Pew Research Center, 62% of U.S. adults get news on social media, and 18% do so often. Brands have been paying attention to those patterns. Many will include social media as part of their news-disseminating strategy and update their feeds accordingly. By following brands such as Frontier on Twitter, for example, you can learn all about the latest updates and offers they may have going on.

With the kind of high speed internet service available to you, customer-business social media connections are less than a click away. Know that you can always find us for customer service questions or support as well.