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Most telecommunications providers currently offer an account management app that allows you to pay your bills on your mobile device. With the MyFrontier Mobile App, you get a wide variety of different options that just might change your life. Or at least make it more convenient. Read on to learn about a few examples of those helpful features.

Reboot ALL the things

Have you ever had to reboot your modem or similar device for it to do exactly what you want it to? With certain account management apps, including the MyFrontier Mobile app, you can reboot your modem or set-top box right from the app. It’s über easy and serves as a convenient helping hand during times of troubleshooting.

Always be connected (with customer service)

With so many aspects of your account and services to keep track of, sometimes you just need help. Luckily for you, many account management apps offer access to reps that’s quick and personal. Additionally, many apps will give an up-close view of your current service requests. For example, with MyFrontier Mobile, not only can you chat with a Frontier rep whenever you need help, you can also look up your order or trouble ticket status on the go! It’s the power of an online help center right in your hands!

Never miss a payment 

What do you do when you’re out on the road having fun and living life when you suddenly realize you haven’t paid your bill? Here’s one thing you don’t have to do if you have an account management app: worry. Nearly every single one allows you to pay your bill anywhere you have an internet connection, and some, such as Frontier’s app MyFrontier Mobile, go a step beyond. You could be on your way to selecting a new payment method or scheduling one ahead of time. You can even set up Auto Pay straight from the app and never worry about any oversights harshing your good times.

These are just a few of the perks of downloading an account management app. There’s a whole world out there to explore, so get your powerful internet connection ready, whether it’s FiOS® or High-Speed Internet, download the app you need and start your journey.