Watching the Awards Season Online

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Every year in February, red carpets unfurl all over TV screens, tablets, and smart phones. This is the season of high honors for music and film, with the biggest stars in the country coming together amid the sparkle of designer gowns and the paparazzi’s camera flashes. But as an increasing number of people opt for strong broadband connections over traditional cable, there has become a high demand for watching awards show and bonus content online. Fortunately, we have the inside scoop to walk you down the red carpet of connectivity to your favorite stars on stage and screen.

Rule Number 1

Before diving into the individual awards ceremonies, there’s one thing you’ll definitely need for all of them, and that’s a great Internet signal. Whether you’re watching on a smart TV, tablet, phone, or through a device like an Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast, the common denominator is Internet strength. Especially where streaming is concerned, you want a crystal clear picture without buffering lags and delays, so make sure before you’re sitting there with a big bowl of popcorn that your signal is up to snuff. Frontier offers a variety of services to ensure your favorite stars come through in beautiful definition, through their FiberOptic, High-Speed Internet, or Frontier Satellite broadband services – depending on your location.

The Grammys: Monday, February 15

There is no better place to review the year’s incredible music than the Grammys. The best place to watch the show this year is through GRAMMY Live – a day-long online streaming experience filled with live red carpet coverage, behind-the-scenes action, and exclusive backstage access. At 3 p.m., the coverage at will begin and run up until the big show. The award ceremony can be viewed at with a free trial of CBS All Access. The latest update to the Grammy app also brought features like new sharable content area with GIFs and emoticons as well as optimization for the GRAMMY Live streaming player and interactive display.

The Oscars: Sunday, February 28

The Oscars present an irresistible blend of modern film culture and romantic nostalgia. Perhaps no other award ceremony reaches so many people on an individual level. If you saw a movie this year, you’ll probably pay attention (at least a little bit). The 88th Academy Awards will stream on and the WATCH ABC app, though it’s only available if you have a participating TV provider account, and live in selected cities. The best bet for watching the full show online is to wait until the next day, when HD video of the full ceremony will be available from multiple sources online. That said, the Oscars app is now available in the App store. It’s designed to be the ultimate complement to the Oscars before, during and after the show. Live cameras are strategically placed throughout the hall, including a “Thank You Cam,” for winners’ extended messages of gratitude to supporters, a backstage cam for exclusive behind-the-scenes action, and a press room cam.

Whether you love music, film or both, it’s easier than ever to feel as if you’re a VIP as the nation watches its most talented artists be recognized. All you need is your Frontier WiFi connection, a comfy couch, and of course, that bowl of popcorn.