Go.Frontier Save the Internet Scholarship


Asher Davidson
Rockland Community College of Suffern, NY

One of the biggest threats to the Internet today is the increase in centralization of most major services. While services such as Gmail and Facebook are nice, there are many issues that arise when one or a few large websites have a monopoly on one service. One of the issues with using Gmail–as opposed to running your own server–is that you don’t actually own your data anymore. Your emails now belong to Google and they can–and do–use them for whatever they want. They use all of this personal information they have gathered to target ads at you, solely for the purpose of making more money. This has even larger repercussions now that we’ve found out the NSA has backdoors into Google and other major Internet companies’ databases. It is, of course, unreasonable to expect the vast majority of people to host their own email server, something which even I don’t do. The best way to combat this growing centralization is to continue to fund the development of distributed technologies, such as bitcoin and ipfs, which will hopefully be made easier for the average person to use and not require a great deal of tech savvy.

Asher’s scholarship submission is valued for independent thinking and well-developed communication. West.frontier.com is proud to support students across the United States by promoting critical thinking and research in regards to the telecommunications industry. Congratulations, Asher!