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Identity Protection: Shop, Surf, and Share with Confidence

How will I benefit from Online Identity Protection?

Identity protection from Frontier is a set of security tools that help monitor and protect your personal information, like social security numbers and credit cards. Identity protection from Frontier offers:

  • Triple-bureau credit monitoring sends you alerts about potentially fraudulent activity on your credit report
  • Global ID surveillance detects the selling or exchange of your personal information anywhere
  • All names, aliases, and addresses associated with your SSN are reported, so you can monitor your identity and make sure no one is using it
  • Help with cancelling and reissuing missing credit cards, driver’s license, passport, and other compromised identity information if they are lost or stolen
  • Comprehensive fraud assessment and in-depth support are provided until your credit is restored—potentially saving you thousands of dollars and hours of time
  • Live technical support 24/7/365—help is always there when you need it

Digital Security: Save and Share Your Content

How will I benefit from Content Anywhere?

Content Anywhere lets you securely access pictures, videos, music, and documents from anywhere, anytime, on any device. You get the protection benefits of Frontier® Secure®, plus:

  • 50 GB of cloud storage lets you save roughly 5,000 songs and 2.500 high-res photos, or other media of similar file sizes
  • The Content Anywhere application can be downloaded on any number of supported devices: PC, Mac, iOS/Android/Windows 8 smartphones, and tablets
  • File sharing allows you to play music and videos from any device with state-of-the-art secure data transfer and storage, as well as automatic sync, real time backups, and on-the-fly content transcoding
  • Group permissions keep your content private—only you and the people you want can access your files
  • Help is there right when you need it with 24/7/365 live technical support

Tech Support: 24/7 Access to Our Customer Support Team

How will I benefit from My Premium Tech Pro?

Frontier My Premium Tech Pro is your frontline cyber security defense, helping you keep your devices free of malware. You get:

  • Tech concierge service at your fingertips—unlimited 24/7/365 access to our U.S.-based technical support team
  • Unlimited scanning for viruses and malware/spyware, plus we'll remove the threats at NO additional charge
  • Your computer will run smoothly with unlimited maintenance and optimization—tune-ups for Windows XP, Vista, or 7 or higher operating system only
  • No more guesswork when setting up your home devices with wireless network setup and troubleshooting—includes one router with unlimited Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Email setup and troubleshooting for a single email provider for tablets and smartphones to access multiple email accounts
  • Socialize and share information online with setup instructions and a tutorial for iTunes, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media
  • Port Forwarding for modems and routers

Online Security: Protection For All Your Important Devices

How will I benefit from Multi-Device Security?
  • Frontier Secure programs offer protection for your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices (up to 10)
  • Identity theft protection helps your money and personal data stay secure while you're banking or shopping online
  • With Frontier virus protection security software, your devices are protected from malware and viruses
  • Lost or stolen mobile devices can be located easily
  • Parental controls safeguard your children at all times
  • An easy-to-use, web-based management console helps you manage security of your devices
  • Live technical support 24/7/365—we’ve got you covered
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Protect up to10 Devices


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Multi-device Security Content Anywhere My Premium Tech Pro Identity Protection


Protect up to10 Devices


Triple-Bureau CreditMonitoring

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Save and ShareContent


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Viruses and Malware: Stay Protected

Whatever your device of choice, viruses and malware are a threat. Anti-virus software helps, as does using sites with HTTPS and installing system and app-specific updates, which often include security patches. And it’s not just internal threats like malware that can be a problem. Losing your device can be as big a deal as misplacing your car keys. With Frontier Secure, you get protection against viruses and malware, and help if your device is lost stolen.