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The basic idea behind home automation is to delegate tasks around the house to machines. Take the coffee maker, for example. You can program it to start brewing when you wake up so your first cup is ready by the time you get to the kitchen. Another example is the Roomba®, which you can program to clean the floors of your house at night while you sleep, removing the need to plug in a vacuum and spend a morning cleaning the floors of your house.

But that’s just the beginning.

Automation plays a role in home security, too, with smart cameras that let you keep an eye on your home from afar. With smart thermostats, and even smart sprinkler systems, smart home technology has moved beyond the kitchen and living room—making full home automation the best (most convenient) way to protect and maintain your living space.

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Nest Thermostats Allow for Automated
Temperature Control

Thermostats have evolved from their circular look with slide bars and dials, to a sleeker look with digital touch screens. One thing that hasn’t changed, according to research from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), consumer lab reports, and other institutions, is its lack of user friendliness. From the font size being too small to confusing abbreviations, even difficulty in programming the thermostat, the experience has been less than desirable.

Enter smart thermostats like the Nest Learning Thermostat™.

Smart thermostats like the Nest thermostat combine the touch-screen simplicity of smartphones with intuitive technology to learn the habits and patterns of people in your house. For example, if you turn your thermostat down when you go to bed, and up when you wake, smart thermostats will learn this behavior and adjust automatically. Smart thermostats can also adjust for the seasons, so as the days get shorter and colder, they will adjust to warm your house earlier, perhaps at dusk instead of when it’s already dark outside.

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In essence, smart thermostats like the Nest thermostat are like your personal butler. They know your preferences, they observe the seasons and weather conditions, and they set the temperature just the way you like it.

Most smart thermostats also come with a smartphone app that lets you monitor and control your thermostat remotely. With the app, you can receive notifications or alerts, and view your energy usage. To get the most out of your smart thermostat, you need a reliable Internet connection.

One of the most popular smart thermostats is the Nest thermostat. It’s intuitive interface and machine learning technology make it easy to set up. It’s also fast, learning your habits and preferences in the first couple of weeks so you don’t have to keep adjusting the temp. In addition to learning your habits, Nest uses Auto-Away™ and Airwave™ to automatically select an energy efficient temperature when you’re not at home and cut run time when humidity is lower. The Nest Learning Thermostat™ also works with Amazon® Alexa, and Google® Home.

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Another popular choice is the ecobee line, which includes the ecobee4® with Amazon Alexa integration, the ecobee3, and the ecobee3 Lite. Each ecobee comes with a Room Sensor™ (with additional sensors available for purchase.) The sensors pair with your ecobee so you can place them throughout your house to better manage hot and cold spots. This can be especially useful for such things as large family gatherings, birthday parties, and other celebrations or events.

Other popular smart thermostats include the Honeywell® Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, the Honeywell Z-Wave, and the Sensi® Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat.

Depending on where you live, you may also benefit from rebates, tax breaks, or other energy-saving incentives for using smart thermostats in your home. Check with your local energy company or government office to learn more.

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Home Security Cameras Give You Peace of Mind

Cameras have gone through their own evolution, from 35mm film to digital to an app on your phone. They’ve also evolved to become a part of smart home security systems, both inside and outside the home. To get the most out of smart cameras, you need a fast, reliable Internet connection, which means you want Internet speeds anywhere between 3–25 Mbps.

General residential security cameras and security cameras outside the home aren’t a novel idea, but advancements in technology coupled with a reliable Internet connection means they can now deliver live video to your smartphone. Many home security cameras— like the Nest Cam Outdoor or the versatile Canary® Flex—come with a smartphone app, and they often let you set up alerts. You’ll know when a package has been delivered and see if a family member or someone else picked it up. If you live at the end of a street, or your backyard butts up against open land, a Nest outdoor camera can alert you to movement and see if it’s an animal or possible intruder.

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Outdoor home security cameras aren’t the only things getting smart. Doorbells are also getting “smart,” like the Ring™ Video Doorbell or SkyBell® HD. They integrate cameras and the ability to connect to your home Wi-Fi network so you can see who is at the door from your phone first. Many smart doorbells also have two-way audio, meaning you can speak to the person to let them know you’re coming to the door or ask what they want, even if you’re not at home. The two-way audio feature can be especially useful for the elderly, or people recovering from an injury who may not be able to get to the door.

Smart cameras aren’t just to keep an eye on the periphery of your house or see who is at the door. They’re becoming part of a larger smart home security system. With smart cameras like the Nest Cam Indoor, the Canary Flex, or the Icontrol® Networks Piper NV, you can see how your newborn or toddler is sleeping or what the kids and the babysitter are doing while you’re out to dinner. You can check up on pets or check on your kids when they get home from school while you’re still at work. And since many smart cameras for inside the house also have a smartphone app, you can also check up on your house while you're on vacation.

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Smart Home Devices Include
Sprinkler Automation

Of all the things you can automate around your home, lawn sprinklers may not spring readily to mind. Like cameras and doorbells, lawn sprinklers have embraced the Internet and can tap into the latest weather reports and learn habits so they turn on only when necessary. While smart cameras and doorbells provide a layer of security, smart sprinkler controllers help save you money on your water bill.

The Rachio® Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller, for example, connects to your existing sprinkler system. Once you connect it to your sprinkler system, you can set up zones based on such things as soil type, plant type, and sun exposure. When you connect it to your WiFi network, it can access local weather reports and adjust itself accordingly. That means if it rains overnight, for example, the sprinklers won’t turn on in the morning. And with the smartphone app, you can control the sprinklers and track your water usage.

Other smart sprinkler controllers include Skydrop®, OpenSprinkler®, and Blossom®. They vary in terms of things like number of zones you can program, ease of installation, and ability to integrate with other smart home products like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, SmartThings®, Nest, and If This Then That (IFTTT) recipes.

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Home Security and Smart Home Automation Requires Fast, Reliable Internet

From smart cameras and doorbells to sprinkler controllers, you need a fast, reliable Internet connection to take advantage of their functionality and get the most savings. Frontier offers the Nest Thermostat and Rachio Gen 2 Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller, and delivers the Internet speeds you need to access and manage your smart home products.

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Nest Learning Thermostat

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  • Installs easily in minutes
  • Picks up your schedule and adjusts the temperature automatically
  • Auto-Away™ selects an energy efficient temperature automatically when you’re gone
  • Control everything from your smartphone, tablet, or computer

Internet access service and charges not included. Taxes, minimum system requirements, and other terms and conditions apply. Trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 2nd Gen

00 one time
  • Supports up to 16 zones
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Easy installation with no special tools or expertise requred

Internet access service and charges not included. Taxes, minimum system requirements, and other terms and conditions apply. Trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

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