Mac or PC: The Debate Continues

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Microsoft and Apple both made significant strides in recent years, in terms of making their products more accessible for both large and small business owners. It’s an age-old debate, but which is best for your current business needs today?

What are the positives?

PCs have been the primary source for large office use for quite some time, and still remain so today. For this reason, many businesses find it easier to continue to use PCs. It is easier to integrate newer Microsoft programs and systems into an old PC than it is to switch to a Mac.

PCs are also more customizable in terms of hardware and software. Microsoft Office store has over 50,000 different apps for download, many of which have business applications. That’s twice as many as the Apple store for Macs. Of course, PCs are drastically more affordable to purchase and maintain than Macs.

Macs, on the other hand, are renowned for their speed, making them ideal for smaller businesses. They’re far more efficient than PCs and are made with higher quality components. They’re also more secure, allowing you to be more comfortable with inputting sensitive material and numbers into your computer.

Macs also contain and are better able to handle programs and apps that use graphic design. For those interested in creating their own videos and images for their businesses, Macs are likely the better system.

Furthermore, Apple has an entire line of products, including macs, tablets and phones created by its own designers, making them all seamlessly integrated for personal and business use. They are also more reliable, and less likely to crash than a PC.

What are the negatives?

Microsoft is a software company first and foremost, meaning it outsources a lot of the hardware and programs designed for PCs. This may make it difficult for certain programs to be compatible between one PC to another. Though, in recent years Microsoft has begun focusing on introducing its own hardware and has created tablets of its own.

PCs also pose a security risk if not regularly maintained, meaning that you must remember to update security patches and system drivers as soon as they become available.

One of the biggest issues facing Mac users is price. Apple products are notoriously expensive, though many argue that they are worth the extra money. Macs are also newer, meaning that there is less variation in terms of products and software available. That also means that it’s more difficult to replace systems and hardware in a Mac than it is in a PC.

So should I get a Mac or PC?

The truth is, it really comes down to personal preference. Both PCs and Macs have reached a point where they are both viable options for business, with PCs being marginally better for large business and Macs are probably best for smaller ones or design-focused companies. As both manufactures continue to improve their products, your business will even be able to integrate both Macs and PC for daily use, if desired.

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