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    The Latest Strategies in Cybersecurity

    Cyber criminals don’t discriminate between sizes of companies; they attack in every way they can. Small businesses are especially at risk of a cyber attack because they likely haven’t developed strong security systems and controls. Every company should do what it can to protect itself from a cyber attack because a single breach could be […]

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    Is Your Business Ready for the Digital Transformation?

    In an increasingly digital world, adapting and growing digitally is critical to success. Going digital can improve the experience for everyone involved with a business. So why aren’t more businesses doing it? Several things could prevent you from embracing a digital transformation, such as costs, perceived lack of access to technology, or fear of the […]

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    4 Business Intelligence Tools for Small Businesses

    It’s never easy to classify Business Intelligence (BI) software, and selecting the proper tool for your small business can be just as challenging. When it comes time to decide on the right BI tool for your business, there are always certain patterns to look for that can help you throughout the selection process; and customer […]

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    4 Ways VoIP Can Improve Your Business

    Small businesses are rapidly switching from land-based telephone systems to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems because they offer an economical, robust, flexible way to meet myriad needs. If your company hasn’t made the change yet, here are four reasons why you should consider VoIP. 1. VoIP Is Affordable When your business has multiple landlines, […]


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    GYE CES-03

    Highlights from CES 2018 with Evan Kirstel

    Hey, listener. We want to hear from you! When you’re ready to disconnect from technology, how do you unwind? Call us toll-free at 1-877-635-3820 and leave us a message. We’ll select the best answers and advice to be featured on an upcoming show. We know you have great ideas and we can’t wait to hear […]

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    Thinking about UCaaS? Other companies have.

    Over a decade ago, unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) promised to change the way businesses communicate, and how employees collaborate. And though it has helped many companies streamline their communication process with solutions for voice, video, chat, and email, it had to evolve if it was going to continue to help more enterprise companies compete […]

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    Mobility Is Going Mainstream: Why Your Business Needs to Embrace It

    Today’s businesses have the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. But, does business mobility really matter? Research shows it can be a vital tool—giving companies a competitive edge over less mobile organizations. Mobility can increase productivity, improve customer service, and provide a better work environment for employees. Mobility Gives Employees Access to Work […]

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    Your Waiting Room Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

    At some point, you’ve found yourself in a waiting room, watching a local talk show on a small TV, drinking bad coffee, and looking impatiently at your phone as the minutes slowly tick by. And if you have kids with you, the waiting room quickly turns from boring to stressful. If you own a business, […]

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    Building Rural Connections: Opening Doors for the Future

    Frontier Communications is passionate about broadband and making it available to rural areas. To take steps towards our goal of a digitally connected future for Americans, we teamed with the FCC Connect America Fund (CAF) program to deliver voice and broadband at affordable rates. The help and support provided by the CAF has allowed us […]


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    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with Total360

    It feels like each and everyday, technology advances another rung up the digital ladder. With this rapid pace of growth comes a faster and more efficient business world. More business means more data and more data means the need for digital security has never been higher. In this episode, we sit down with Chris Culver, […]

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