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    Outdated Tech at a Growing Company Is a Ticking Time Bomb. Learn How to Avoid It.

    There are plenty of articles that have great advice, in great detail, about what to know if you want to scale your business, or how to know you’re ready. But let’s say you know you’re set to scale. How do you make sure you’ve got the right technology to do so? By investing pre-growth time […]

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    How Much Bandwidth Does My Business Need?

    Shopping for business internet isn’t just about finding the best service provider in your area. You also need to have a good idea of what speed of internet your business needs before you buy. To some IT people or business owners, this may seem like a simple thing. But it turns out that it’s not […]

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    Blockchain: Essential for Future Business

    There has been a lot in the news recently about blockchain and especially bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies developed over the past few years. With all the hype and chaos out there, it is understandable that many businesspeople dismiss it. However, there’s a fundamental change coming in the way every business records and secures transactions […]


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    Moving from a Home Office to a Commercial Space

    Many successful companies came from humble beginnings. Amazon, Google, and Mattel all started in less-than-glamorous surroundings: garages. According to the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, home-based businesses account for 50% of all firms. Whether you started your business in your garage or your home office, the time may come when you’ll need to move […]

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    10 Resolutions Every Small Business Should Make in 2018

    It’s a new year, which means it’s time for new resolutions. If you’re a small-business owner, start the year off right by implementing the following ten resolutions. Set Goals As a small-business owner, you should never venture into uncharted territory without a plan. This year, make goals for yourself, your business, and your employees. By […]

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    The Wild World of Patents and Search: Staking Your Claim to Intellectual Property

    Have you ever experienced that moment of insight where the lightbulb goes off and a new invention is born in your mind? From the shower to the store and everywhere in between, a genius idea can strike at any time. On this episode, we talk to Sam Baxter, Chief Technology Officer at IP.com to talk […]

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    The Evolution of Business Wi-Fi

    It’s hard to imagine a world without Wi-Fi. But it wasn’t really that long ago that if you wanted to get online and get work done, you needed to be at your desk, plugged into a phone jack and waiting for the beeping and buzzing of the modem to subside. These days, you can generally […]

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    Protecting Customer Data by Preventing Password Attacks

    With the rise in data breaches over the last few years, it’s vital for your brand to enhance security so you don’t fall victim to an attack. While there are several ways a hacker can steal data, 63% of data breaches occur as a result of weak or stolen passwords. The following information can help […]

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    Illustrated graphic, business technology for hotels

    High Speed Hospitality: The Increasing Productivity of Business Travel

    If you’re listening to this podcast, chances are you’ve had some experience in the world of business travel. Whether you’re a once-a-month trip taker or a weathered road warrior, you know that one’s ability to be productive while traveling is crucial. We invited Dave Johnson, Director of Hospitality Sales for Frontier, to give his thoughts […]

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    Woman talking on a business phone

    Why Unified Communications? Why Not?

    Is your communication network holding your business back from big-time growth? Upgrade to a unified communications plan for a better way to keep your team connected with email, instant messaging, and more. Learn why now is a perfect time to upgrade in this webinar hosted by Lisa Partridge from Frontier Communications and featuring Amy Lind, […]

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