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With the end of the year approaching, you still have three months to read some of the best business books on the market. The New York Times recently released its latest best-seller list, organizing books by categories such as nonfiction, how-to, and business.


We’ve dug through the business category, looking at the most popular business books by state, as well as reflected upon the importance of reading these literary works. Find out which book ranked as your state’s favorite below, and read any or all of them if you have time.



Successful Entrepreneurs NEVER Stop Reading and Learning


When publications like The Huffington Post, Fast Company, Forbes, and Inc. visit with successful entrepreneurs and business owners, some common habits come to light. One of those is reading.


Warren Buffet, for example, spends the majority of his day reading. Elon Musk, too, attributes his knowledge of rockets and ingenuity to his voracious appetite for books. Oprah Winfrey also dedicates herself to books—when asked to share her top ten from the past decade, she exclaimed that only listing ten would be impossible.


These successful people refuse to read simply to read. Says Andrew Merle at The Huffington Post, “They are highly selective about what they read, opting to be educated over being entertained. They believe that books are a gateway to learning and knowledge.”


Favorite Bestseller by State


While any of the books listed here will keep you in good stead, you may want to read your state’s favorite business books first. Doing so keeps you up to date with your competitors. It also gives you plenty of ammunition in your knowledge base for upcoming networking events.


Some states proffer only one favorite title—others deliver two or more. California leads the way with three favorites, perhaps due in part to Silicon Valley? Utah, known for its Silicon Slopes, gives you two books to read, slightly trailing Silicon Valley’s three. But tech centers aren’t the only places with multiple best business books. Oklahoma, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia also list two top titles.


Some books, while not the leader on The New York Times list, gain the hearts and minds of a majority of states. Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, for example, comes in eighth on the bestseller list. But when it comes to individual states, this business book is incredibly popular.



Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman follows a similar trajectory. Although published in 2011, the book contains such great wisdom that entrepreneurs continue to flock to it. And it is a fascinating read. It reveals how and why people think, making it an ideal choice if you’re trying to understand why you respond to certain people and situations the way you do.


Read a Business Book, Any Business Book


Regardless of which book you ultimately choose to read between now and the end of the year, you’re certain to benefit from it. In fact, you might like it so much that you recommend it to everyone, entrepreneur or not. The best books, after all, transcend categories like “business” and “nonfiction.” They are good books, and good books cause us to think and share them with others.

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