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Prices starting at $20
  • No Home Phone Commitment
  • 2-year Price Guarantee on Internet
  • Free Frontier Secure Personal Security for 12 mos.

per mo. for 24 months. Equip. fees, install, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, other taxes & fees apply. Subj. to availability. Terms & Conditions

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per mo. for 24 months. Equip. fees, install, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, other taxes & fees apply. Subj. to availability. Terms & Conditions

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High-Speed Internet Service Plans

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Simply Broadband Pro
Prices starting at just
$ 20

As fast as 3 Mbps

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Simply Broadband Ultra
Prices starting at just
$ 25

As fast as 12 Mbps

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Simply Broadband Elite
Prices starting at just
$ 35

As fast as 25 Mbps

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High-Speed Internet vs. Cable

Why your Internet service provider matters

Cable Internet service providers offer the same basic product as High-Speed Internet providers, and they advertise similar speeds at similar prices. But with Frontier High-Speed Internet, the performance is always better.

With cable Internet, you share an Internet signal sent from a local cable box, which means your upload and download speeds waver anytime your neighbors are also online. You may experience more lag and rarely get the speeds you pay for.

With Frontier Internet service, you never have to compete for bandwidth - not hourly, daily, weekly, not ever. Your connection is a private line from Frontier facilities to your home, so you always get the internet speed you pay for.

Get Frontier today to enjoy the most reliable high-speed Internet provider in your neighborhood.

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Why High-Speed Internet from Frontier?

Because Frontier gives you the most for what you pay

With Frontier High-Speed Internet, your connection will run at full speed all day, giving you real value for every dollar you put in. Plus, with every High-Speed Internet bundle, Frontier gives you more flexibility and freedom than other Internet service providers.

Free Wi-Fi Router
FREE Wi-Fi Router*

No upfront cost and no monthly rental fees.

2-Year Price Guarantee*
2-Year Price Guarantee*

Avoid outrageous price hikes from other Internet plans—get rewarded for staying instead.

No-Contract Plans
No-Contract Plans

Stay because you’re happy with Frontier's service, not because you have to.

Save More with Frontier Internet Packages

Bundle Internet, TV and Phone Today!

To get even more for your money, bundle home phone and DISH TV service with your Frontier Internet service. You’ll pay a lower price per product and get the channel choice and fantastic picture quality of our partner provider, DISH TV, at an affordable price.