Each State’s Favorite Female Superhero

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A decade into Hollywood’s superhero craze, female superheroes are pushing to the forefront of major productions. Relatively unknown comic book characters are now mainstream, from Thor: Ragnarok’s Valkyrie to Black Panther’s Shuri. Wasp will make her debut in a couple weeks in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Ever curious, we asked ourselves: who are the top female superheroes that have captured the nation’s attention? Better yet, can you guess your state’s favorite superhero?

Your state's favorite female superhero

How Did You Do?

Did you guess Georgia’s favorite female superhero is Shuri, or that Maryland prefers Storm?

How about Zatanna being the most popular in Nevada?

Did you guess that Wasp is the most popular in Utah, the Beehive state?

And Did You Also Notice…

The three most popular superheroes, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Jessica Jones, are all lead characters with their own movie or TV show.

In states where Supergirl came out on top, she is closely followed by Batgirl, her frequent partner in crime fighting.

Both Huntress and Black Canary have had appearances in CW’s popular series, Arrow.  

Starfire and Raven, characters in the TEEN TITANS cartoon on Cartoon Network, are also in the upcoming TEEN TITANS GO movie, while Wonder Woman started the 2018 superhero movie craze with record-breaking box office ticket sales.

Catwoman is missing! We didn’t include female anti-heroes or supervillains in our search, which is why you don’t see Mystique, Poison Ivy, or Harley Quinn on the list. Though Catwoman has many redeeming qualities, she works too much in the grey zone to be considered a superhero for this list.

Full List of Female Superheroes by State

Here’s the full list of female superheroes by state:

Alabama Wonder Woman
Alaska Jean Grey
Arizona Black Widow
Arkansas Supergirl
California Wonder Woman
Colorado Black Widow
Connecticut Supergirl
Delaware Gamora
DC Wonder Woman
Florida Jean Grey
Georgia Shuri
Hawaii Black Canary
Idaho Valkyrie
Illinois Wonder Woman
Indiana Power Girl
Iowa Batgirl
Kansas Power Girl
Kentucky Supergirl
Louisiana Supergirl
Maine Batgirl
Maryland Storm
Massachusetts Batgirl
Michigan Jessica Jones
Minnesota Batgirl
Mississippi Raven
Missouri She-Hulk
Montana Hawkgirl
Nebraska Power Girl
Nevada Zatanna
New Hampshire Wonder Woman
New Jersey Wonder Woman
New Mexico Black Widow
New York Jessica Jones
North Carolina Wonder Woman
North Dakota Starfire
Ohio Supergirl
Oklahoma Zatanna
Oregon Jessica Jones
Pennsylvania Jessica Jones
Rhode Island Huntress
South Carolina She-Hulk
South Dakota Supergirl
Tennessee Black Canary
Texas Black Canary
Utah Wasp
Vermont Jessica Jones
Virginia Jessica Jones
Washington Starfire
West Virginia Raven
Wisconsin Power Girl
Wyoming Scarlet Witch



So as not to be partial towards one or the other, we compared several rankings and took the top 10 female superheroes from DC and the top 10 female superheroes from Marvel. We then analyzed Google Trends data from the past year to identify each state’s most searched superhero.  

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